All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

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This one is a touchy subject, my Disney friends! But, Walt Express has YOU covered with All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World!

When to tip, when NOT to tip…it can get confusing! We are here to help!

All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

GRATUITY: something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service.

Now that we know WHAT gratuity means, let’s find out what it really means and if should you “tip” on your vacation to Disney World. This one is highly debatable and sometimes not optional.

If you can afford to dine in a nice restaurant and you have received good service, then YES, you need to tip.

But before we get into all of that, don’t worry, Walt Express is going to break it down for you.


Restaurants in Disney World are famous for their service. Yes, just like any other restaurant, sometimes the service can be questionable. But, this does not happen often in Disney World. Be kind to your servers. They help make magic for you and your family AND numerous of other families every single day. It is customary in the United States to “tip” your server in a sit down dining establishment. If you are dining at a table service restaurant in Disney World, you need to factor in the “tip” with your budget. On your receipts, you will find a “suggested” tip amount.

If your dining party has 6 or more guests, a mandatory 18% will be added to your purchase. OK friends, don’t be the person that “separates” their party of 10 into two different tables to avoid the 18% gratuity. If you are being “served”, then the person “serving” you deserves a tip and their fair share of the tip.

All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

Tipping in restaurants can be paid with cash, credit/debit card or your magic band.

Please Remember

If you do not receive the service that you thought that you should, you can speak with a manager. If your food is cold, took too long to arrive, etc., this may  NOT be your servers fault and should not affect his/her gratuity. Again, speak with a manager.

The Disney Dining Plans do NOT include the gratuity (unless stated).

Special Circumstances

There are a few dining situations where a tip is not needed, or has already been factored in. The dinner shows, such as the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review, already have the tax and gratuity included.

All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

Luggage Handlers

These guys (and gals) carry your luggage around a huge resort and are pretty much at your beck and call. If you feel they have done a great job, give them a little extra for taking care of your necessities. It’s well deserved!

All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

Mousekeeping (Housekeeping)

I have heard many people get in an uproar over this one. I personally make beds, vacuum, clean toilets, etc. every single day at home. But, I don’t get one single dime for this service. Yes it goes along with the territory of being a mom, but I deserve a little extra and so does your mouse-keeper! This is MY personal opinion. I understand you have your own opinion and preferences regarding this subject. But if you can,  leave a few dollars a day.

All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

Some resorts allow you to “opt out” of housekeeping and receive a $10 gift card per night. They will still bring clean towels and toiletries, but my personal opinion, I don’t feel $10 is enough to make me forego housekeeping. That is one of the perks for my family, walking into a freshly cleaned room after a long day in the parks.

Other Destinations

Some vacation destinations, such as cruising, have mandatory gratuity rules. You are able to add and pay the required gratuity before your cruise or just have it added to be paid before you get off of the ship. On a cruise, you are waited on by countless employees. From your dining team to your room steward and even your luggage handlers. Giving a little extra for a job well done is also acceptable.

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All You Need To Know About Gratuities (TIPPING) In Disney World

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