Did You Know: Disney World Is MORE Than Just Attractions And Rides


You are missing out if you think Disney World is nothing but theme park rides! Disney World is MORE than rides. In fact, did you know they aren’t really called “rides”? They are called “attractions”, because they are SO MUCH MORE!#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYWORLDATTRACTIONS DISNEY WORLD IS MORE

Disney World is MORE

Have you thought about taking a Disney World vacation but think “I don’t like amusement park rides”? Well I am the same way! I am not a big fan of anything fast, high up or spins! This leaves me with few options for rides, or so I thought. I have since realized that Disney World is MORE! So from this moment on, we will refer to the “rides” as “attractions”.

Plan First

Before our first trip, I had to plan out our Fastpasses, and I knew nothing about what attractions were best for me or my family. So I spent hours watching videos on YouTube of the different attractions. I was a bit worried we wouldn’t have as much fun if I wasn’t joining my family on them. I found several that were nice and slow and in my zone of fun without making myself sick or anxious! Fastpasses allow you to bypass the regular lines!

Slow And Easy

Attractions like Finding Nemo in Disney World’s Epcot and Na’vi River Journey in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom are great for people like me. They are nice, slow AND air conditioned, which is a total bonus in the Florida heat! Attractions like these also have shorter wait times and are great for people of all ages.


Disney World offers so many different things to do. It’s so much more than just “amusement park rides” and there are so many different and amazing experiences if you really aren’t into the riding part. In fact, you could plan an entire trip without ever going on an attraction! I don’t know if I would suggest that though! Riding the Train through the Magic Kingdom is a good idea, as it can take you from one end of the park to another and you can see so many things while riding. Also, the People Mover is another great way to see the park. It is located in Tomorrowland Terrace, it’s slow and relaxing and gives a great view of the park. On our first trip, we rode it for the first time and saw parts of the park we had missed, including character meet and greets that we didn’t even know were there! Now we always ride the People Mover, sometimes more than once in a day!

Character Interactions

Speaking of characters, they are an amazing way to spend your time! You can meet them at certain dining experiences or in the parks. Magic Kingdom has princesses like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. In Epcot you can meet Anna and Elsa. Animal Kingdom has characters like Baloo and King Louie roaming around. Don’t forget that you can meet Star Wars characters in Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. If you don’t mind standing in line for an amazing character interaction, these characters can definitely fill up your trip with a ton of fun! Bring an autograph book or something for your characters to sign, it’s a great souvenir. Also if you purchase Disney’s Memory Maker your pictures can include the entire family and even get some magic shots thrown in there!

Private Tours

Other than characters, Disney World offers other fun adventures including private tours. One experience is Disney’s Private VIP Tour. Which includes flexible start times, VIP viewing areas for parades, select stage shows and nighttime spectaculars. These tours range from $450 to $750 per hour depending on the season. These tours do require valid park admission and advance reservations.

Another popular tour is Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom tour.This tour gives you a behind the scenes look at the underground tunnels, hidden secrets and learning about little known facts. Lunch is included in this tour as well as a keepsake. This tour also requires advanced reservations and costs $99 for each adult.


Another great in park options are the amazing shows Disney World offers. Shows like Beauty and The Beast on Stage, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, are all options while in the parks. These shows also offer FastPass options if you would like to use your FastPasses for them. On our last trip we decided to stop and see Finding Nemo-The Musical in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We had not planned on seeing it, we kind of just stumbled upon it and decided to stop in right before it started. It was amazing! The show was about 40 minutes long and it was not what we had been expecting. We couldn’t take our eyes off the stage the entire time! My two little ones were entertained the whole time. I would highly recommend looking into seeing this show at least once!#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYWORLDATTRACTIONS DISNEY WORLD IS MORE

A Few Tips

  • Disney’s Memory Maker can be purchased as an add on to your reservations for an extra $169 if purchased in advance and $199 if purchased at the time of your trip. Your purchase links to your bands and you have access to your photos almost immediately on your My Disney Experience app.
  • Be sure to know about the height restriction for each attraction before you go!

If you are worried a Disney World vacation is going to be all about intense rides and motion sickness, don’t stress! There are so many options outside of attractions that will keep your family busy during your entire trip!

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