Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is a great place to brush up on looking down, and working on your ROAR! You can explore the 8th largest zoo in the country (according to an article that I read while writing this). You can even explore Pandora- World of Avatar and ride a banshee! There are honestly a ton of mistakes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that you need to try to avoid.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneysanimalkingdom mistakes at disneys animal

Mistakes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Avoid

In this article you’ll find out how to distance yourself from other Disney World newbies. You’ll also find out what those of us who have been a considerable amount of times, absolutely love about Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Let’s go sightseeing the majestic creatures located within the park and find out what rookie mistakes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to avoid.

7. Ignoring Pandora

It’s so easy to write off the land of Pandora as just a few rides. Once you enter this absolute masterwork of imagineering, you’ll understand why so many of us keep going back to Disney World. The second you walk into this foreign land you’re engulfed into a place where you can ride a banshee, or even bring one home with you! I kid you not, my wife loves Flight of Passage so much, that we got into a fight when I wouldn’t let her ride it while pregnant. Flight of Passage is like an enhanced version of Soarin’. I also love the Navi River Journey located inside the land of Pandora. Its a very enthralling dark ride that is just breathtaking. I remember my daughter crying because the ride was over. I recommend going to Pandora as soon as the park opens. Fight of Passage is one of the few rides at Animal Kingdom that has a line that can get out of hand, fairly quickly.

6. Forgetting an Umbrella

A rookie mistake to avoid at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is forgetting your umbrella/poncho. Florida has this really awesome climate where it just suddenly starts to pour when you’re in the middle of the park. The way Animal Kingdom is laid out, anytime it starts raining, you are more than likely in the most inconvenient location to try and find shelter. I’m telling you this as someone, who, as a child, has gotten more blisters on his entire body than I care to remember. Just avoid this rookie mistake and bring an umbrella or poncho. Ponchos can also fit in a fanny pack if you scream at them enough.

5. Wearing Jeans

Story Time! When I was much younger, my family decided we were going to spend New Years at Disney World. Yes, it wasn’t as cold as it gets up north, but for the South it was extremely cold. I wore jeans most of the trip because that is what my mom packed. I rode Kali River Rapids on this trip, because it was one of my favorite rides at the time. Of course, the wait time for this was insanely low, so me being excited to ride it as much as possible, and just kept getting in line. Needless to say, my pants were completely soaked. My mom told me before we got on that we weren’t leaving the park just because I was cold/wet. I was a very stubborn child and just kept my mouth shut the rest of the day. By the time I was back at the resort and able to change, my entire leg was covered in blisters. Yep, another one to add to the mistakes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

4. Underestimating Everest

One of my favorite coasters in all of the parks in Expedition Everest. It’s just this thrilling experience that I can’t get enough of. We did one of the ticketed events on a honeymoon trip a few years ago, and I would estimate we rode it at least 8 times. Avoid this rookie mistake and enjoy the expedition.

3. Thinking Dinosaur is a Kid Ride

When I was younger, I was absolutely terrified of the Dinosaur ride. I don’t know why, because I love dinosaurs in my everyday life. I’m at the point now where I try and get everyone in my party to go along with an elaborate group photo. Are you even a family if you don’t go over the top with ride photos? There are carnival games right outside the Dinosaur attraction. They can be very addicting and you aren’t guaranteed to win a prize. I did win the most adorable dinosaur for my daughter on a recent trip. She still sleeps with it at night and it brings me great joy, to be completely honest.

2. Riding Kilimanjaro Safari at the Wrong Time

Kilimanjaro Safari is a pretty unique experience that brings you up close to real wildlife. You get to see roaming the landscape of the Animal Kingdom. It’s important to realize that animals have sleep patterns. If you go at the wrong time of day, the animals could all be asleep or if its a particularly sunny day, they could be hiding within the shade. Also, plan to sit on the outside of the vehicle if you have little ones. It can get wild on this ride and if you want pictures, it’s best to be prepared.

1. Not Having After Plans

You should absolutely stay at Animal Kingdom until nighttime. If nothing else, than to view Pandora at night. It is even better at night than during the day. That being said, Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks. This isn’t always bad, you might want to take time to relax at your resort or spend the rest of the night shopping at Disney Springs. I just know that with the price tag that comes with Disney, you want to try and fill as much time as possible with magic.

Avoid these mistakes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I hope this article helps you in avoiding these rookie mistakes. Click here for more info on Pandora within Animal Kingdom! Also, join our Facebook group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, here!

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