Breaking News: Makeovers for Jasmine and Friends

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Do you like being in the know when it comes to character meet and greets? Breaking News: Makeovers for Jasmine and Friends gives you the latest scoop on costume changes and the controversy the changes have caused among some in the Disney community.

Breaking News: Makeovers for Jasmine and Friends

There have been lots of costume changes recently for many of our beloved Disney princesses. The most recent changes were with Mulan in Epcot and Pocahontas in Animal Kingdom. Both saw more modest costumes over their previous versions and changes to accessories. However, the most recent princess costume change has really made a stir with many Disney enthusiasts. Jasmine is the latest to receive a makeover, so let’s take a look at the changes.

Here’s What We Know

Breaking News: Makeovers for Jasmine and Friends
Picture credit: Danica Taylor

The newest costume for a princess debuted this past week. Jasmine modeled a new look on the night of the first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The new costume is a dress with sheer sleeves, a high sheer neckline, and a long dress over pants. It appears to be a pretty shade of green with gold embroidery and other accents on the chest and throughout the front portion of the dress. There is also a gold belt slung loosely over the hips (although this belt looks sadly out of place and not quite up to Disney costume standards, in my opinion).

Jasmine is still wearing her hair in much the same way and is also still sporting gold earrings as she did with her previous outfit. However, the earrings and hairstyle are about the only things that stayed the same. Gone is the harem style outfit with billowy pants and cropped bikini style top in vibrant sea green.The new outfit more closely resembles the style and modesty of Jasmine’s engagement outfit in the original Aladdin. In the movie, that dress also has full length sleeves and is floor length with pants underneath. Aladdin has also seen a change to his costume and is wearing a traditional headdress and ornately embroidered long jacket and pants. It appears that with Aladdin and Jasmine, Disney is going for more formal attire.

Why the Change?

There has been much speculation that the costume was changed because of guest complaints about Jasmine showing too much skin. However, the word from cast members is that Disney is simply trying to create costumes that are more historically accurate.

What do you think about the slow changes that are going on with costumes in Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Do you prefer the old costumes that resembled the movie or do you like the idea of Disney costuming paying closer attention to the time period of the characters? Weigh in on our Facebook group Disney Express Lane Facebook Group and to discuss many other Disney related topics. Of course, we welcome your comments below as well.

Picture Credit: Danica Taylor instagram @danicalovesdisney. Thank you Danica for allowing us to use your picture. Thanks to Kenny at for the tips on this new character change.

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