5 Tips For Dealing With Temperamental Toddlers At A Disney World Park

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A Disney World Vacation is exciting for the entire family, old and young alike! If you are making the trip with little ones I am sure they cannot stop talking about going to Disney World and how excited they are. Once they get there however it can be a different story. Read the tips below on how to handle young children at the parks so everyone will have a great time (and maintain their sanity). We have the answers for Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World

Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World

  1. Set Low Expectations! Disney is SO MUCH FUN but, it can also be very overwhelming. The sights, the sounds, it is a lot for adults to take in so now shrink yourself to a three year old and wonder how they handle it. Getting kids excited for the trip is important but also keeping in mind that they may not like everything right away is equally important. Managing expectations will go a long way so you don’t get frustrated and it doesn’t boil over to your little one.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World
  2. Try to hit the parks early! Many little kids tend to be early risers and have a ton of energy in the morning. Use this to your advantage and hit the parks early. The temperatures are lower and the crowds are not as high as they will be around lunch time. By going to the parks early you can get a lot in before they hit that metaphorical wall.
  3. Be Flexible! So you really want your toddler to experience a parade or see the fireworks in the evening but they fall asleep in the stroller. Do you wake them up? Do you let them sleep? You know your child best, but if letting them sleep earlier in the day will allow them to be happier for the rest of the day, let them sleep. If by sitting out of an attraction you think they will love will get them some extra Zzz’s or just give them some time to chill that’s okay. Use that opportunity to get a snack or find a shady spot and people watch. Take that time to walk through some of the stores and get some air conditioning.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World
  4. Early Dinner Times! Some times it isn’t possible to get an early dinner reservation depending on availability and what you have going on the rest of the day but if you can keep them satisfied by being fed and as close to their normal schedule as possible, go for it. They may get a second wind after eating a good meal and be excited to take more in. Better than pushing it late and having them be hungry and tired!
  5. Have fun and take their lead! I assumed my little one was going to LOVE rides and be eh about character experiences. Well she fooled us and was the opposite; blowing kisses to princesses and dishing out hugs left and right to her favorite characters. After we realized that she loved meeting the characters and the watching the shows but could really take or leave most rides, we navigated the parks accordingly. We took turns waiting to meet her favorites and rode the classics we knew she would love altogether. Forcing her onto certain things in hopes she would like it didn’t always work and that’s okay! Mickey and Minnie are now her best friends.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World

Don’t Stress About Temperamental Toddlers At Disney World! The best thing about a Disney World vacation is how every time you go can and will be different. Taking these ideas into account when visiting with small children may help avoid, (or lets be honest, minimize) meltdown central. Your touring style will change as your children grow so take advantage of each stage and look at it as an excuse to go back! #waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning Temperamental Toddlers at Disney World

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