Circle With Disney Parental Control Device Review

Find out how you can Breathe Easier with the Circle with Disney. This user friendly device will help you limit screen time and filter out the “bad stuff”. Read up on how this one nifty device can give you control to create a safer, better internet experience for your family.

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Circle With Disney Parental Control Device Review

Are you struggling with monitoring and managing your family’s time on the internet? Circle with Disney might be the answer to your problem.

What is Circle with Disney?

Circle with Disney is a small device that pairs up wirelessly with your router and gives you control over every device in your home. Read that again, EVERY device in your home! Simply download the Circle app and create a unique profile for each family member. The best part is that the set up is short and simple. 


Breathe Easier with Circle with DisneySetup was really easy with the Circle with Disney. It came in a cube about the size of my hand . All the items I needed were attractively arranged inside. There was a white cube, a couple of cords, the power supply, and a small instruction booklet.

The total amount of time for the initial setup was less than ten minutes. That included getting it out of the box, plugging it in, downloading the app, and pairing with the router. For those of you who aren’t tech-savy, don’t worry. The app walked me through everything in super easy terms and nice graphics/pictures.

The setup to add family members and devices took a bit longer, but it was still very simple. The bulk of my set up time was spent finding a picture I liked for each family member. Also, it helps if you have your devices properly named. For example, a couple of our tablets are not named and that made it a little difficult when assigning all the devices. Even if they are named, be ready for it to take about 24 hours for the devices to show up with their names. Ours initially came up with generic names like iPhone 11 (ummmm, did I miss an announcement for a new iPhone?!) and Microsoft device (xBox).

Screen Time Limits

Breathe Easier with Circle with DisneyHave you ever wished that you could shut off Instagram or Facebook for dinner time? Or limit the amount of time your children spend playing Minecraft or watching YouTube videos of other kids playing Minecraft? By the way, what is up with that trend of kids watching other kids play?  

Guess what? The sky is the limit with what you can limit with this device. Simply set time limits on each profile. You can do this for a particular app, platform or even the internet as a whole! I have to admit, it’s kind of fun to randomly press pause or set a limit and watch the boys come running to the router. Shhhh, don’t tell them I do that. 

Set Bedtime Cutoffs

I don’t know about you, but getting the kiddos to bed some nights is so hard with all that is competing for their attention. Make life easier by setting a bedtime for all of their devices and say hello to bedtime stories instead.

Oh, and did I mention there is a pause button for the internet that can be used for all devices? Hello to watching that movie together without half the people in their room distractedly looking down at their phones. Oh and if you want it cut off for a whole day, you can do that too with a simple tap on the app. Family game night is back! SCORE!


Breathe Easier with Circle with DisneyMy biggest worry with the internet has always been filtering out the “bad stuff” while still giving access to information my children and I need. Even though I work as a media specialist at a local elementary school, some of the filters out there read like Greek and are a pain to set up and keep running. 

Not Circle with Disney. I can choose from preset age levels for each family member. There are four including Pre-K, Kid, Teen and Adult. There is a even a custom option if I want to get fancy.

I can also choose to turn off anything I don’t like at any time. But one of my favorite filters is being able to turn off ads. Some ads that pop up are simply not ok for my four year old to see (I’m talking to you Hulu and YouTube!).

Monitor Usage

One of my favorite tools in the app is the Usage section. You can see where each family member spends the majority of their time. You can see which apps, platforms and even websites they are visiting each day. This can lead to some great discussions about time management for both adults and children. Sometimes it’s a little shocking to see just how much time we spend connected, yet disconnected from those around us.

What Makes It Disney?

Circle With Disney Parental Control Device ReviewCircle teamed up with Disney to make this a product that parents can trust. Disney gave it’s stamp of approval and also has made some content available exclusively to those with Circle. Once you download the mycircle app, you have access to Disney blogs, videos, music, games and so much more Disney fun. We all could certainly use more Disney in our lives! And you can trust that it’s kid-friendly content.

Breathe Easier with Circle with Disney

So, does this sound like something your family could use? Are you ready to put down the devices and spend more meaningful time together? Then I really think you can Breathe Easier with the Circle with Disney. This user friendly device will help you limit screen time and filter out the bad stuff. 

If you would like to purchase Circle with Disney, consider purchasing it through this link. This helps us keep the Disney news and tips headed your way everyday. You are helping us run this blog efficiently so we can keep the news moving and coming your way all day everyday.

If you have Circle with Disney, we would love to hear your experiences! Leave us a comment below or you can join the Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to share your experiences or ask questions. Of course you can also discuss any other Disney related topics too.

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