It looks as if face masks are going to be the new “normal” for a while! They are also very hard to find right now. Don’t worry, we have you “covered”. See what I did there? HA! We are going to show you how to do it yourself and be unique, with some Disney style, of course. DIY Disney Face Masks are super easy to make. Keep reading and check out the video below for a super easy HOW TO!#waltexpress disneydiy DIY Disney Face Masks

DIY Disney Style Face Masks

It looks as if a face mask or covering will be a required piece of clothing for awhile, so we want to make sure you are in style! Disney style, that is. These are super easy to throw together and not too expensive either.


Again, we were super happy to see this material with tons of Disney prints! The price in our local store for a two yard bundle was only $6.44. I have boys, so it was Star Wars material that we had to grab. Run over to the school supply section of the store and grab a pack of rubber bands. The wider ones work best. You can also use pony tail holders.#waltexpress disneydiy DIY Disney Face Masks

Materials Needed

“Material” being the key word here. First of all, I am NOT a sewing person. I am not even going to pretend that I can sew. With that being said, you can totally do more to these face masks, such as sew them together or whatever you would like to do. I was just “sew” surprised at how cute these turned out with minimal effort AND cost. You can probably find the material at your local craft stores, but I found my material at Wal-Mart in the craft/sewing section of the store.

And YES, I was social distancing. We were trying to find masks and of course, there are none to be had. So, we thought we would give the “bandanna” masks/covering a try. There were none of those either. BUT, we had the brilliant idea to grab some material and just practice to see what we could come up with. We were super excited to see bundles of material, already pre-cut in two yard increments-WITH DISNEY PRINTS. This was enough to make 4-6 adult size masks. We had an old bandanna at home and measured the material with that, for the adults sizes. We just simply cut a little smaller square for a child’s size.

Easy As Pie DIY Disney Face Masks (my choice word here would be cake pop)!

After the cloth is cut, just a few simple folding techniques and you are done! You can also use these as the bandanna style. Just tie and go!

Stay safe Disney friends!

Here is the link from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) with the guidelines on wearing a face mask!

Are you having a hard time finding disinfecting wipes? We have a great HOW TO on that you should also try. And yes, we put a “Disney spin” on those as well! Just click that link: How to make DISINFECTING WIPES.

We have a Facebook Group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, and would love to see you there. We share lots of great Disney information and also lots of things to keep you busy during this difficult time!

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