Are you heading to the most magical place on Earth for the Summer? Unless you are Queen Elsa, it can also be the hottest place on Earth! Don’t let a little heat get you down. Check out Walt Express’ 10 Tips To Survive The Summer Heat In Disney World and be prepared!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning surviving heat in disney world

Survive The Heat In Disney World

We have witnessed some not so magical moments during the heat while visiting Disney World. From grown-ups pushing children out of the way just to get a morsel of “camel spit” over in Adventureland to meltdowns over missing misting water fans (this may or may not be a personal experience). We have seen it ALL!

“I promise, you CAN do it! You CAN survive Disney World in the summer heat and enjoy it. Just follow these 10 tips to survive the heat in Disney World for some quick relief!


  1. Take Breaks: Get to the parks early, leave during the hottest part of the day and come back during the evening hours. I am not usually one that likes to leave the parks during the day, but sometimes the heat is just too much. Try this trick and enjoy some of the late night fun in the parks!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning surviving heat in disney world
  2. Sunscreen: This is a “no-brainer”! ALWAYS use sunscreen while visiting Disney World, even in the cooler months.
  3. Cool Clothes: No, I DO NOT mean the latest in fashion! Save the “fancy dress clothes” for dinner…in the winter! Dress in lightweight clothes with cooler color tones. Darker colors like black and navy absorb the sun and make you even more hot in the Summer months.
  4. Extra Deodorant: Yes, it NEEDED to be said. Just do it! Okay, enough about that, moving on……
  5. Cool Treats: Disney Parks are packed full of tasty, COLD treats! From delicious ice cream in the shape of Mickey to Dole Whips and more, you can cool off pretty quick! If you prefer a little something extra in your Dole Whip (alcohol), I would probably wait until sundown-the heat and alcohol do not mix well. If you do consume any amount of alcohol in the Summer months at Disney World make sure to drink the same amount of water and more to keep hydrated. Alcohol sucks the moisture out and does not hydrate your body at all.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning surviving heat in disney world
  6. Water Bottles: Grab a water bottle or bring a small cooler/lunch bag packed with ice and water. On a hot day, you could easily spend a TON of money on water bottles (of course you can get water free at fountains and quick service restaurants). If you are staying at a Disney Resort, use Ziploc baggies for ice.
  7. Misting Fans: Grab a few of these at the Dollar Store before you go to Disney World. Bring enough for everyone to ensure no fighting. The heat makes people get very ugly sometimes (again, personal experience). Don’t forget to reapply that sunscreen if you use the misting fans a lot. These are our favorites: MISTING FANS
  8. Attractions: Most attractions are in an air-conditioned queue, so that helps a ton! Splash Mountain is our personal favorite “cool down” attraction in Magic Kingdom. You will cool down very quickly during the queue and during the ride, not to mention dropping 50 feet and getting SPLASHED!
  9. Slow Down: Seriously, there is NO need to rush, it won’t do you any good anyway! It will just make you that much more hot and ill-tempered! Slow down and enjoy your surroundings!
  10. Grab a Bite: Plan a few meals during the hottest part of the day. Nothing too heavy, but this gives you a chance to duck out of the heat for a bit and rest those feet!

BE WARNED: Watch out for the DISNEY RASH! It’s real my friends and seems to strike even more during the summer months! If you fall victim to the Disney rash, be sure to stop in one of the first aid stations. They know exactly what it is and how to help!

#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanning stay cool at disney world

Bonus Tip

We hope this helps during your summer vacation to Disney World! STAY COOL my Disney friends!

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