10 Tips To Survive The Summer Heat In Disney World


Are you heading to the most magical place on Earth during the Summer? Unless you are Queen Elsa, it can also be the hottest place on Earth! Don’t let a little heat get you down. Check out our 10 Tips To Survive The Summer Heat In Disney World and be prepared!

Survive The Heat In Disney World

We have witnessed some not so magical moments during the heat while visiting Disney World. From grown-ups pushing children out of the way just to get a morsel of “camel spit” over in Adventureland to meltdowns over missing misting water fans.

I always joke to friends that my daughter is a true Canadian based on how she responded to the heat on our first visit. She is such a sweet dispositioned girl (she’s won “sunshine awards” since kindergarten in so many different classes and extra-curriculars), but that Florida summer heat turned her into a total crab apple.

In the heat, she would be grouchy, unappreciative and down-right rude… but literally two seconds back into air-conditioning and she’d return to her sweet self, thanking me for bringing her to DisneyWorld, complimenting other guests on their outfits and marvelling in the magic.

I’m sharing this post because I don’t want you to be caught unprepared like I was.

I promise, you CAN do it! You CAN survive Disney World in the summer heat and enjoy it. (You might even end up having more magical memories than grouchy moments.) Just follow these 10+ tips to survive the heat in Disney World for some quick relief!


Tip #1: Take Breaks:

Get to the parks early, leave during the hottest part of the day and come back during the evening hours. I am not usually one that likes to leave the parks during the day, but sometimes the heat is just too much and your resort’s air-conditioning and pool is a welcome reprieve. Try this trick and enjoy some of the late night fun in the parks!

(Bonus: the hottest parts of the day are usually the busiest and most crowded – while the crowd tends to thin out after 4pm and dramatically drops after supper time.)

Tip #2: Cool Clothes:

No, I DO NOT mean the latest in fashion! Save the “fancy dress clothes” for dinner…in the winter! Dress in lightweight clothes with cooler color tones. Darker colors like black and navy absorb the sun and make you even more hot in the Summer months.

I know it’s soooo tempting to want to let the kids wear costumes or Disneybound in clothes that are cute but don’t breathe… but honestly, the cute pictures aren’t worth feeling miserable and being covered in sweat all day.

If you absolutely feel the need to let the kids wear a costume for a few pictures in front of the castle or with their favorite character, bring a back-up change of clothes for when the costume gets too hot to handle.

(PS – check out Etsy for Disney sundresses that are just as cute as costumes. They are often a fraction of the price and are so comfortable for the kids to wear on a long day at Disney. Plus, they stand up to washing better and you can get more use out of them.)

Tip #3: Cool Treats:

Disney Parks are packed full of tasty, COLD treats!

From delicious ice cream in the shape of Mickey to Dole Whips and more, you can cool off pretty quick! If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, these are a great use of your snack credits – but if not, be sure to budget them in!

Tip #4: Pack Water Bottles:

My favorites are these misting water bottles which are not only insulated but also provide a nice, cool spritz when you need it on a hot day.

Disney provides free glasses of ice water at all quick service locations which you can empty into your water bottle so you can enjoy ice cold water all day.

If you prefer other cold drinks, you can use snack credits or bring a soft-sided cooler into the park with you. (Pack zip-top baggies so you can fill them with ice at your resort before you leave for the parks.)

Tip #5: Misting Fans and Cool Cloths:

Grab a few misting fans at the Dollar Store before you go to Disney World – they sell for $15+ once you’re in the park. Bring enough for everyone to ensure no fighting. Don’t forget to reapply that sunscreen if you use the misting fans a lot. These are our favorites: MISTING FANS

Cool Cloths (like these) are also a game-changer. Basically, you wet the cloth down with cold water in the restroom and then wring out the water and place it on your shoulders (or wherever you really need to stay cool). The cloths don’t drip but they keep cool for about an hour. I was skeptical of these at first, but I highly recommend them now and pack them for nearly every family vacation.

Tip #6: Get in Line:

Most attractions are in an air-conditioned queue, so that helps a ton! Splash Mountain is our personal favorite “cool down” attraction in Magic Kingdom. You will cool down very quickly during the queue and during the ride, not to mention dropping 50 feet and getting SPLASHED!

Tip #7: Grab a Bite:

Plan a few meals during the hottest part of the day. Nothing too heavy, but this gives you a chance to duck out of the heat for a bit and rest those feet!

Many quick service locations are located indoors and are set up cafeteria-style, so even if you’re bringing in your own food or bringing in food from other quick service locations, you’ll be able to grab a table and enjoy the A/C.

Tip #8: Slow Down:

Seriously, there is NO need to rush, it won’t do you any good anyway! It will just make you that much more hot and ill-tempered! Slow down and enjoy your surroundings – preferably, in the shade.

You can spend this time checking for short wait times on air-conditioned rides or make a game out of looking for hidden Mickeys or observing other fun details about the parks. There are so many details that most guests miss by rushing from one attraction to the next.

Tip #9: Make a Splash:

It might not seem intuitive to pack a bathing suit while heading to the parks, but if you’re heading to Magic Kingdom or Epcot, there are splash pads that can help kids cool off when most needed.

At Magic Kingdom, the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station is located just past the Barnstormer Ride, or if you don’t want to get fully soaked, just in front of the Jungle Cruise there is a camel statue that “spits” water at you and closer to Tarzan’s Treehouse is a collection of wooden “statues” that also spit water.

At Epcot, there is a splashpad on the main path between Future World and the World Showcase.

Tip #10: Plan a Pool Day:

Whether you just want to enjoy your resort pools or want to book a full day at one of DisneyWorld’s two waterparks (Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach), your family will appreciate still getting to enjoy the Disney magic while staying cool and giving their feet a bit of a break.

While I totally get that you may be apprehensive to “wasting a day you could be at the parks” at the resort or a waterpark, you won’t regret taking a bit of a break in that summer heat and there is just as much to explore at Disney’s waterparks as there is to explore at the parks. We’ve been to Blizzard Beach three times and we still haven’t tried out all of its offerings.

Bonus Tip #11: Delay the Alcohol:

All Disney parks now offer alcohol and while it can be tempting to indulge while you’re on vacation, the heat and alcohol do not mix well.

Personally, I would wait until after the heat dies down in the late afternoon (preferably after sundown) and definitely be sure to rehydrate by consuming more water after you have an alcoholic drink since alcohol can be very dehydrating.

Bonus Tip #12: Watch Out for the Disney Rash:

BE WARNED: The DISNEY RASH is real my friends! And it seems to strike even more during the summer months. If you fall victim to the Disney rash, be sure to stop in one of the first aid stations. They know exactly what it is and how to help!

Also, I want to encourage everyone to pack sunscreen and extra deodorant.

You can choose whether or not to bring the deodorant to the parks (some may find they need it) but definitely bring the sunscreen and re-apply during the day, especially if you are making use of a misting fan or the splash pads.

I hope that these tips help you to STAY COOL my Disney friends – and please, if you have any additional tips, share them in the comments below or in our DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, Facebook group, which contains lots of Disney fun and information!

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