How to Save Money at Disney Parks

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Start planning now so you know How To Save Money at Disney Parks before you go! 

It’s never too early to start planning for a Disney trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland or any Disney Destination! As soon as you get the notion, start planning! Planning is the key! So grab a cup of coffee (you will need it), sit back and relax, because I’m going to fill you in on how you can save a little dough when going to these magical places. We are going to save you money, so you can breathe easy.

How to Save Money at Disney ParksUse a Disney Vacation Planner or Not

First and foremost, you need to decide if you need help planning this vacation. Can you give up control? Do you need help or another’s expertise? Do you need advice? I wrote a nice little ditty here that basically helps you decide if you need to use a Disney Vacation Planner. I give you the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

“Deals” and Disney Specials

Disney Resorts and Parks are price controlled- meaning travel agents can not find you a “deal” if you are buying directly from Disney. Their prices are their prices, no matter what travel agent you go through. There are no “deals” when it comes to Disney. With that being said, there are specials that can save you a good bit of money if you play your cards right. To get the most bang for your buck, pick a time of year when Disney is running specials. Disney usually offers specials to get more people to come visit their parks, typically during the off season. Specials like save up to 30% off room rate or Free Dining are some examples of popular specials. Sometimes these specials work out to your advantage, sometimes not so much.

Travel Time of Year

It is no surprise that the off season at Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Lines are less expensive. Think about it…… Just like with anywhere else, the “peak” season is more expensive. If you pick a less “popular” time to travel to a Disney destination, you will save money compared to if you pick a popular time to go like Christmas, July 4th, or Spring Break. I know this is not always easy to do with work, school and kids, so if this option isn’t feasible, no worries. We have more money saving options and tips.

How to Save Money at Disney ParksDisney Resorts and Good Neighbor Hotels

I love to stay on Disney property. I just love the “magic!” But, it’s not always an option when we go as frequently as we do. Good Neighbor Hotels are there for families that are larger and need more budget friendly accommodations.  (Me, Me) They are located close to Walt Disney World and are very convenient. I have a large list that I would love to share with you here!


If you do not use the Dining Plan you can save by taking your own groceries or by ordering groceries to be delivered to your room. This is the grocery delivery service in the Orlando area we use. We never take a trip to Disney without getting some groceries delivered; it is great for those of us who are budget minded! There are lots of Good Neighbor hotels that have a kitchen so you can prepare meals in your room, so this can save you even more cash. Fort Wilderness is also a resort on Walt Disney World property that has full kitchens just for your in room dining needs.

Keep in mind too that Walt Disney World allows you to bring your own food into the parks. You can pack your lunch and snacks to save on the park prices. You can bring anything into the parks with some exceptions. Be smart, don’t bring glass bottles or rolling coolers for sure. Use common sense. HERE is a list that may help you make the decision of what to bring and not to bring into the parks.

SouvenirsHow to Save Money at Disney Parks

Souvenirs are a huge thing at my house and I am sure yours. Our children love getting trinkets and souvenirs while on vacation, but buying something every day can drain your funds quickly. So, we have gotten a little help from a special fairy friend who delivers souvenirs right to our room at night. Tinker Bell comes to see us every night we stay at Disney to deliver special Disney gifts while the kids are fast asleep and thank God, because that little fairy helps keep mommy and daddy’s money from disappearing. Check out this blog post, where Tinker Bell shows you how it can be done on your Disney trip too! This saves a lot of money for us when we are on our Disney trip.

When you have kids things are costly, especially vacations! Thats why just a couple of tips can save you big bucks and give you a little peace of mind. I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped us.

If you have any money saving tips to add to our list, please feel free to comment below. I love hearing other ways that help families save! Everyone loves a good “SAVE.” Am I right?!

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