4 Thoughts On It’s A Small World In Fantasyland

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Here are 4 Thoughts On It’s a Small World in Fantasyland that¬†I would love to share with you. I’m sure you are cussing me out for putting that song into your head. Try to get it out now! Insert evil laugh! ūüėČ

You are Welcome!

4 Thoughts On It’s a Small World in Fantasyland

So let’s get started with the facts. It’s a Small World is located in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and the original It’s a Small World¬†is located in Disneyland. The ride is approximately 10-15 minutes long, depending on which park you are visiting. Seven continents are represented in this fun attraction.

First Thought

Don’t waste a fast pass.¬†If you want to ride it over and over again without any wait, go for it then. But, honestly if you do have to wait on this ride at all, the wait is usually very minimal comparatively to some of its neighboring attractions.

Second Thought

If the theme song drives you nuts, don’t go on this ride! Do I need to elaborate? You WILL be singing it ALL DAY LONG!

Third Thought

This is a great ride for you to get out of the weather. It’s a great place to cool off from the hot temps or dry off from the rain.

 4 Thoughts On It's a Small World in Fantasyland

Forth and Final Thought

This attraction is great for the little ones. I know you are saying: Duh, Mandi, you are stating the obvious! And yes, I am! This ride is a classic and this is a ride they will remember for years to come. I know I do! The memories are endless on this ride while going to Disney World as a child. This was one of my favorites and is now my children’s. (Keep in mind: Not all kids love this ride though. if they are weirded out by puppets, this ride will not be for them.)

4 Thoughts On It's a Small World in Fantasyland

Are you still singing it? You know you are and you know it makes you happy! So stop your whining!

Has THIS ever happened to you when discussing “It’s A Small World”?

4 Thoughts On It's a Small World in Fantasyland

Do you think It’s a Small World is worth a Fast Pass?

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4 Thoughts On It's a Small World in Fantasyland


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