Video: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a Disney World Review

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If you love a good thrill ride, check out Video: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a Disney World Review. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is said to be the most thrilling ride in all of Walt Disney World Resort.


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is located at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. It is housed in the Hollywood Tower Hotel that stands 13 stories high at the end of Sunset Boulevard. After entering Hollywood Studios, head straight down Hollywood Boulevard. Take a right at The Trolley Car Cafe and keep straight down Sunset Boulevard.

The Story

The attraction is based on the story of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, stars would stay at Hollywood Tower Hotel for some rest and relaxation.

On Halloween night in 1939, five hotel guests were riding in the elevator when a storm hit. The building was struck by lightning and they were never seen again. What exactly happened is still a mystery today. The Hollywood Tower Hotel closed that night and has remained abandoned.

The Queue

Video: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a Disney World ReviewWhen entering through the gate, the queue takes you on a tour through the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel. The beginning of the queue takes you through run-down gardens with broken stone pieces. You will also notice some haunting music playing in the background mingled with screams coming from the elevator.

Once you enter the lobby, you know you are in a deserted hotel. Dust and cobwebs cover everything. From the lobby, you will be taken to the library. The room will go dark and a television turns on. You are shown clips of the Hollywood Tower Hotel in its original grandeur. Five people get on an elevator, lightning hits and they disappear forever.

Lightning then pops and the lights come back on in the library. The door opens and you are now in the boiler room of the hotel. It is here you wait to board your ride vehicle, which is a dilapidated service elevator.

The Ride

After fastening your seat belt, the elevator heads up. I can’t express just how dark it is in the elevator. You cannot even see your hand a foot from your face.

Video: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a Disney World ReviewThe elevator stops and the doors open. There is a very real looking illusion of the five ghosts that disappeared back in 1939.

The elevator doors shut and you start up again. When the elevator stops this time, you move forward through an illuminated doorway. Get ready because you are about to see what The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is all about! That first drop is definitely a shock because there is no way to know when it will exactly happen. After the first drop, you will go up and down a few times before coming to a stop.

As hard as it is to keep your eyes open, do! A couple of times when you are at the top of the hotel, windows will open to give you a quick view of Hollywood Studios.

Unique Dropping Sequence

Something unique about The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is it isn’t a pre-programmed ride. A computer controls your dropping sequence so each time you ride, it will be a different experience. You never know how many times you will drop!

Height Requirement

Guests must be 40 inches or taller to enjoy The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. If someone in your party is less than 40 inches, they will not be allowed to ride.

Accessibility and Other Information

You must transfer to a wheel chair to enter the queue and transfer again to the ride vehicle.

Language Translation Devices and Video Captioning is available upon request for the portion of the queue in the library with the television.

Video: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a Disney World ReviewTips

  • FastPass+ is offered and we strongly recommend it for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
  • Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older.
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a dark and scary thrill ride with free-falling drops. If you are sensitive to this, it’s probably not the ride for you.
  • Rider Switch is available for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

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