Visiting Disney World Parks And 5 Changes You NEED To Know About

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Things are different all over the world with this “new normal Covid-19″ life. Social distancing, face masks and temperature checks are the new normal everywhere. So, it’s no surprise that we can expect some changes to get used to while visiting the Disney World theme parks. Check out these changes to know about when visiting Disney World Parks. Know BEFORE you go.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyplanningtips visiting disney world parks

Visiting Disney World Parks

I was excited to have the opportunity to be at Disney World on the reopening weekend. There are some changes you will need to get used to if you are visiting Disney World soon. Don’t worry, the MAGIC is still there!

5 Changes To Know About

  1. Mobile Ordering: It is strongly recommended and preferred by Disney World that all guests use the mobile ordering system. This can be found on your My Disney Experience App. All quick service locations will have a sign in front of the restaurant with a QR code that you can scan to view the menu to order from. Keep in mind, some restaurants are limited or have been adjusted accordingly due to availability. You will be asked to wait outside of the restaurant until you receive a “ready” notification on your My Disney Experience App. When your mobile order is ready to pick up, it will let you know the window number to pick up your food. A Cast Member will help guide you to where you need to go. There are two exceptions to skipping the Mobile ordering. If you have to pay cash or you have a food allergy. Simply let a Cast Member know. They will direct you where to go. NOTE: You can still ask for free ice water at quick service locations. Just speak to a cast member and again they will direct you.
  2. As of right now, you can no longer go inside a restaurant just to sit in the AC. You will only be allowed in IF you have ordered food at that restaurant. Think of it as preferred seating for paying guests. Because of social distancing, tables are spaced out. This makes the seating areas at half capacity. So unless you are dining, you are not allowed to just go sit at a table and cool off. If you need to take a break from the heat, find an indoor Relaxation Station.
  3. Social Distancing Markers: Anywhere that you have to stand in line, you will see markers on the ground guiding guest where to stand until you get to your turn. You will have to stay focused and make sure you are standing on your marker. For years, we have been used to just moving up in line and being next to other guests without even thinking about it. Now we have to be more mindful to make sure we are keeping that 6 foot distance. Disney World has the markings to help us do that. If you move up in line and find a mark is missing, just make sure to stand at a distance from the party in front of and behind you.
  4. Disney Transportation: Lots of changes have been made to Disney Transportation right now. Bus wait times can be a little longer than we are used to. This is because the capacity has been reduced to help keep everyone distant and safe. When the bus door opens, don’t be so quick to board. We were used to doing that in the past but now the driver will need to seat parties according to capacity. The Parking lot trams are not running so self-parking guests will have to walk from the parking lots to the park entrances. Social distancing and capacity limits are also set for the monorail and watercraft. The Monorail from Magic Kingdom to Epcot is currently unavailable. This is because there is no park hopping in 2020.
  5. Park Hours: The park hours have been reduced from what we are used to. With no fireworks or nighttime entertainment in the parks, they have been closing earlier. Since we can not park hop once we leave the park for the day, we have to find other entertainment. Of course, there is always shopping & dining at Disney Springs. You can also spend more time at the resort pool or stop over for a round of mini golf. With this slower time right now, it is kind of enjoyable to experience other things around Disney World. Extra sleep is also a bonus. Before all of these changes, we stayed out in the parks until midnight or later.

Changes And Visiting Disney World Parks

Things are definitely different but a lot of fun memories can still be made at Disney World right now even in this crazy new world we are experiencing it in. While it is different and we sure do miss the fireworks, take advantage of this “new normal” and enjoy experiencing Disney World in a new way. Will you be visiting a park in 2020? Thoughts, questions or concerns? Come on over to Facebook and join us at Disney Express Lane! We would love to hear from you and your thoughts on visiting Disney World parks!

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