5 Ways To Take Perfect Pictures On Your Next Disney World Vacation

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But a picture at Disney World is worth a lifetime of memories. We have some tips for you on Ways to Take Perfect Pictures on your next Disney World vacation.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning take perfect pictures

Take Perfect Pictures On Your Next Disney World Vacation

We have some AMAZING tips on how to take perfect pictures on your next Disney World vacation, or any other vacation. Although we highly recommend a Disney World vacation! LOL!

Best Camera? Your Phone!

Honestly, the best camera you can own now a days is on your phone. Yep, if you have one of the latest and greatest I-Phones or better yet an Android, then you are good to go. Both phones have their advantages when it comes to getting a perfect photo. I personally LOVE the android, but that is just me. You can work with your favorite go to device.

Our phone cameras have lots of cool features that will allow us to set timers, edit photos, retake a photo if needed because we have access to viewing them immediately. If little Billy’s eyes were closed on the first picture you snapped, you will be able to delete it then retake the photo.

If you are not phone savvy or just don’t like to use your phone, you can always bring a digital or disposable camera as well. Most digital cameras give you the ability to view photos just like the phone. Allowing you to retake if needed. If you love the element of surprise and go with a disposal camera, your pictures may or may not be the perfect photo you hoped for. 


Yes, I know you have places to go, rides to get on, all of the Disney food to eat. But when getting those special once in a life time photos you must have a little bit of patience. If you have a spot you are wanting to take a photo, you may have to wait on other guest to clear out. Maybe the sun is not setting in the right place at the time. This can cause a glare. Since it is Florida, it may even be raining.

You may even have to wait on little Suzy to stop pitching a fit before snapping that picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle. No one wants a red faced puffy eyed photo. It seems silly, but patience will actually help you get a perfect photo. 


Timing is everything. If you want a perfect picture with little to no other guest in the background it is all about timing. If you want a family picture in front of the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, don’t go straight there as soon as the park opens. Why? Because every one else is going straight there as soon as the park opens which means both a long wait and lots of other people in your photo. 

We have found that mid-day is the best time to get photos in front of the Tree of Life because the crowds are much lower. Every one is out exploring the rest of Animal Kingdom. Which means less of a wait plus you have a better shot at getting just you, your family and the Tree of Life only in the photo.

After the park is closed is another great time to snag those must have photos with little to no one else in them. The Parks close at a specific time and while it is time to start heading out if you hang back just a bit you can snag some really awesome photos.

Group Photos

You may be wondering how you can get everyone in the photo. Well, if you are using your phone you can always set it up on a tripod then set the timer. Using the tips above such as waiting on lower crowd times and along with patience will allow you to take perfect pictures! You can get some pretty awesome group photos in front of the most sought out locations.  

Keep in mind that Disney World does NOT allow selfie sticks. Tripods that can fit inside your backpack that do not extend over 6 feet are OK. Be sure to check out the full list of items allowed and not allowed inside the Disney World theme parks. 

Disney’s Memory Maker

If you do not want to deal with tripods, group pictures or even individual pictures, then Disney’s Memory Maker is the way to go. All of your pictures will be taken by a Disney Photopass Photographer. Disney’s Memory Maker can be added to your Disney World vacation package. The advanced purchase price is $169. If you decide to add on the Memory Maker after you have arrived at the parks, the cost is $199.

A special benefit you will get with the Disney’s Memory Maker that you will not be able to get on your own is photos from the rides. You will get the priceless scared face captured of Dad while riding Tower of Terror after he told everyone he wasn’t afraid. The wide-eyed happy face your kids will have after they score big on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. These special moments can only be captured by Disney’s Memory Maker.

Take Perfect Pictures! 

Whether you choose to take all of your photos on your own using our tips or you use Disney’s Memory Maker, we hope that all of your photos come out perfect. But more importantly, that special life long memories are made on your Disney World vacation.

We would love to hear about any tips you have when taking a perfect photo at Disney World. Come on over to Facebook to talk about it by joining us in Disney Express Lane.

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