Why Breakfast At Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Restaurant Is A MUST!

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One of my very favorite places to eat in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant Be Our Guest. Breakfast and Lunch at Be Our Guest are totally different from dinner and we have all of the details!

Breakfast At Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is unique in many ways, but maybe the most important thing is that during breakfast and lunch, Be Our Guest is a Quick Service dining location. Then at dinner it transforms into a premier dining experience with a fine dining menu and Meet and Greet with The Beast. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, breakfast and lunch will cost you one quick service credit. Dinner it is a two table credit dinner. Learn more about the Disney Dining Plans by clicking the link.

Breakfast At Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest has amazing breakfast options that will satisfy even the choosiest of eaters and dining there early in the morning definitely has some amazing perks!

The menu in the morning consists of breakfast staples with a French twist. Crepes, croissants, baguettes and an assortment of other options are available at breakfast. My children love the Crepes de Cogsworth, which are crepes filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and served with fresh fruit! They also love Fifi’s French Toast with a side of fruit.

My go-to is the Croque Madame: an open faced breakfast sandwich that is to die for. The bread is crunchy on the outside, but the inside is delightfully fluffy and filled with poached eggs, gruyere cheese, a creamy bechamel, and ham. My husband sticks with a more traditional breakfast like the Feast ala Gaston which is a large plate of breakfast staples including scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit. The french toast is delicious, and the vegetable quiche is a great vegetarian option!

At breakfast, the waitstaff will also serve up assorted pastries for your table before your meal arrives, just in case you can’t wait. We enjoyed trying the different offerings, and honestly? They were all delicious!

Your Choice Of Seating

One of the things I love most about Be Our Guest, besides the food, is the atmosphere. There are three separate dining areas and you can choose where you sit during breakfast and lunch. The biggest dining area is the Grand Ball Room from the infamous dance scene from Beauty and the Beast. It is so beautiful and feels like you are stepping right into the movie!

You can also choose to sit in a room off to one side that has booths and is a little more simple. However, at the center of this area is a rotating statue of Belle and the Beast sharing their dance. Around the room are lots of paintings that show ‘scenes’ from their lives in the Castle before the Beast again becomes Prince Adam.#waltexpress #disneyworld #magickingdomdining breakfast at be our guest

The final dining area is probably the coolest: the West Wing. This area is dark and stormy, featuring the Rose that the story centers around in the back corner. The room is in tatters (the walls, at least…not the seating) and if you watch the painting of the Beast, you might just notice something cool after a little while!#waltexpress #disneyworld #magickingdomdining breakfast at be our guest

Breakfast At Be Our Guest Perks

And there are some seriously great perks to reserving a breakfast at BOG. If you book your breakfast before park opening, you can get into the parks before the gates are actually open! This means that you can have pictures taken in front of the castle by a Photopass Photographer with NO crowds, can wander and take pictures other places, and just generally feel like you have the park to yourself for a while! If you eat early enough you can also leave breakfast and get a head start on riding rides. We love to head over to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain first so we can ride them with no wait! Seven Dwarfs Mine Train would also be a great ride to hit before the crowds arrive, and it is super close to BOG!#waltexpress #disneyworld #magickingdomdining breakfast at be our guest

My Opinion

Overall, I always recommend making time to eat at Be Our Guest for breakfast at least once a trip. The food is delicious, you can grab early park access for amazing park pictures, and no-waits for popular rides. Definitely a must-do in my book! Be sure to book that reservation in advance for the best times!

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