Check out our Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney World for all of your up to date laundry info! No one LOVES doing laundry, but it IS a necessity. Even if you are in the most magical place on Earth, clothes will still get dirty! Walt Disney World makes it easy and you do get a pretty awesome view!

Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney World

Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney World gives you some much needed information for working on your dirty laundry! As much as we don’t like to talk about it, laundry is a must. When on vacation, clothes can pile up super fast. So, you have two choices. Either bag them all up for a huge chore to do when you return home from your glorious vacation, or do laundryDisney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney World at the resort! Yes, I said it…do your laundry at the resort while on vacation. Hey, you’re at Walt Disney World, so it’s not that bad! If I HAVE to do laundry, I would rather do it in Walt Disney World than anywhere else! The view is fabulous.

Family Laundry

Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney WorldLocations and How to:

All of the Walt Disney World resorts have laundry facilities conveniently located near the pool areas of your resort. How awesome is that??! Just throw the clothes in to wash and head to the pool. The days of sitting in a laundromat waiting all day for the laundry is OVER! Walt Disney World even has that covered! Yes, there’s an APP for that, too! Check out Walt Express suggests downloading the APP and familiarize yourself with it before you go. The APP lets you know which machines are available and once you begin, it will let let you know when each cycle is finished. No more sitting and waiting on the clothes to be done. Just carry on with your magical vacation! Laundry View also has all of the laundry locations throughout each of the Walt Disney World resorts.


Payment Station:

Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney WorldAll laundry facilities are equipped with a Payment Station. Don’t let this intimidate you, it’s very easy to use! Simply put, you slide your debit, credit or laundry card and select which washer you will be using (they are all numbered). Add clothes, detergent and setting of your choice. The washing machine will give you an estimated time of when your clothes will be finished or you can use the app. Then, do the same thing when it’s time to dry your clothes. It does take a little longer to dry them, usually about an hour.

There is also an attendant available who will be happy to assist you. 

Laundry Pricing:

Only a few machines remain that are actual coin machines, meaning you will either need a debit or credit card or just stop by the resort for a “laundry card”. Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney WorldThese are $7.00 for each card and includes enough to wash and dry one load of clothes plus laundry detergent. The machines are a little larger than normal machines, so you can get a few more pieces in a regular load. In the very near future, all machines will be “card machines”-no cash or coins accepted.

Cost for one load of clothes:

$3.00 for wash

$3.00 for dryer

$1.00 for detergents and dryer sheets

Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney WorldWALT EXPRESS Tips:Family Laundry: Disney World Tips & Tricks

  1. Magic bands are needed for entry of laundry facilities.
  2. If you brought a stroller with you, bring it to the laundry room! No need to lug around tons of clothes
  3. Bring your own detergents and dryer sheets. The pods work great and are very easy to travel with. *Extra tip: Dryer sheets in the luggage makes clothes extra nice and fresh!

Walt Express hopes you have enjoyed Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney World!

Walt Disney World even makes doing laundry easy! I just wish they would fold and put clothes away…now THAT would be magical! What about you? Do you do laundry while in Walt Disney World? Do you have tips or tricks that you would like to share? Walt Express would love to hear about them! Thanks again for checking out Disney 101: Doing Family Laundry In Disney World!!

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