Allergy Friendly Disney Inspired No Bake Christmas Cookies

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So, here is something a little “sweet” for our Disney readers and fans. Find out what we are talking about by checking out Allergy Friendly Disney Inspired No Bake Christmas Cookies.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyinspiredrecipes Disney Inspired No Bake

Disney Inspired No Bake Christmas Cookies

We Cheated (a little)

We have totally stolen this blog and are using it here! Just kidding, well sort of. What can we say? We are tired and pooped this holiday season, but wanted to bring our Disney fans a little something extra!! As most of you know, our sister site is We totally have permission to “borrow” her cookie blog! This is a great AND easy way to bring the family together for some holiday baking, that involves our favorite MOUSE and it IS pretty easy!

Allergy Friendly Disney Inspired No Bake Christmas Cookies

Without further ado, here’s Mandi!

I really did not expect for these to be so much fun, but being the Disney fanatics we are they were SO much fun and tasty too! It also helped that they were super easy and no baking was involved. I found this amazing recipe on Pinterest and now it has a special home on my Christmas BoardThese cookies were so much fun to make and I even adapted them, so they are allergy friendly for my family.

We travel to Disney World quite often and I am always inspired by the beautiful cookies and cupcakes that they have to offer. But, we are not always able to eat them due to our food allergies. Disney World has a few options for Gluten-Free and Nut-Free Treats, but they are few and far between! So I was determined to make these tasty treats with allergy-friendly ingredients of course. They were too cute to pass up!

Although ours did not turn out as beautifully as a pastry chefs’, I think they turned out spectacular with some added character.

(Side Note: We are a gluten and nut-free family. These cookies are adapted to our liking. You may need to adapt for your family’s allergies.)

Ingredients for Gluten and Nut Free Cookies

Directions (I promise, this is so easy)!

  1. Get all of your ingredients together
  2. Grab the kids
  3. Place the smaller cookie slightly inside of larger cookies for Mickey and Minnie’s ears. Be careful not to break the cookies
  4. Dip the bottom half of the cookie into the red candy melts
  5. Place the coated cookie on wax paper
  6. Decorate while drying
  7. Wait to dry to add embellishments such as lines or bows
  8. Have fun
  9. Enjoy

This project is great for kids of all ages with parental supervision. Kids over the age of six may not need to be supervised as much.

Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!
Until next time….



We hope you have enjoyed this fun little recipe. We would love to see your pictures if you try it! Head over to our Facebook group and post them there: DISNEY EXPRESS LANE. For more Disney inspired recipes, check out: THE GREY STUFF or MICKEY’S SANTA HATS!

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