10 Basic Tips for Going to Disney World with Little Ones

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Walt Express really gets it. Walt Express understands that on a trip to Disney World or any other trip with little ones, they will turn into ALL Seven Dwarfs at some point! Find out what works for my family to stop this, right here in: 10 Basic Tips for Going to Disney World with Little Ones.

10 Basic Tips for Going to Disney with Little Ones

Okay so…. I am just going to state the obvious in this post. When you go to Disney or anywhere for that matter with little ones you have to be prepared! I have three little ones ranging in ages two through five and we have been taking them to Walt Disney World since they were itty bitty. We have learned a thing or two of what to take and not to bother taking to the parks with us. I know it is different for everyone but, these are the things that work for us. Hopefully, this will give you have an idea of what you may need or start the packing task for your magical Disney Vacation.

1. Take a Stroller:  Duh, this is a no brainer, but you will be surprised the people I see exhausted carrying their one year old or five year old while they are sleeping on their shoulder. Strollers are a great place for your kid to take a nap. Only one out of three of my kids will even attempt a nap in the stroller, but we still take one for the other two, because we don’t want to be exhausted carrying our bundle of joy around while they are tired and cranky. If you have an older child, you be the judge, if you need to bring a stroller for him/her. You know your kid, some can’t take all of the walking, some can. Remember, you are going to be walking A LOT. If you are sore from walking, their little legs will definitely be tired and sore too! Before we bought our own stroller we rented one from Magic Strollers. They were very friendly and professional. Most of all, the stroller was spotless when we received it! Highly recommend!

2. Do not bring Water Bottles: Yes, you read right. Don’t waste the space and extra muscle to lug those bottles around. Water is absolutely free in the parks. I like to take this thermos and get it refilled in the parks. I not only use it at WDW but everyday. I love it! It is a little pricey but well worth it, I promise!

3. Bring formula already mixed up: If you are traveling with infants bring a (whatever size you think you will need) plastic (BPA free, of course) container with formula already mixed up and one bottle. Keep filling up that same bottle. Keeps the clutter down, I promise. Every time we traveled with my twin boys as babies we used this method and it worked great.

4. Take a small lunch and snacks for kids: Take a sandwich and a few snacks for each kid even if you are on the dining plan. Nine times out of ten you will have a child that is hungry when you are not near food or you are near something to eat, just not what they want to eat. This may help get their sugar level up and when you get close to your lunch destination they will be ready to eat again. If they aren’t, oh well, you dodged a melt down at least, that time!

10 Basic Tips for Going to Disney World with Little Ones5. Take plenty of Diapers and wipes: No brainer, right?! If you run out though, do not fret. Each Disney World park has a Baby Care Center that is equipped with most everything you will need in an emergency, but at a cost. Try to set your stroller up as a baby changing station equipped with anything you will need, because honestly the Baby Care Center may be on the other side of the park, so you may have to change a “stinky” wherever you are at the time! For more info on Baby Care Centers at Walt Disney World go HERE. All my Disneyland peeps go HERE.

10 Basic Tips for Going to Disney with Little OnesJust putting a side note here, for the love of all that is holy please don’t be that family that changes their kid’s diaper on a table in a quick service restaurant. I mean people eat on that! Or out in the open for everyone to see. Look, I get it! I had 2 infants at one time and it is hard to keep your etiquette at all times, but please try! Don’t be disgusting, have some manners!

6. Research the Dining Plan before you go: Do your research on the Dining Plan before you go! The Dining Plan is great, but isn’t for everyone. If you have food allergies Disney does a great job accommodating and helping in any way they can. It doesn’t hurt to research before you go though. There are several allergy-free options for you to choose from so be on the lookout and in-the-know.

7. Bring a Stroller Cover: Not just for keeping your child dry, but for all of the stuff in your stroller dry! Trust me all of that stuff will be better off dry! Check out 8 Tips for Rainy Days in Disney World. It’s jam packed with lots of tips on keeping you dry during those afternoon showers. We use this Stroller Cover, but garbage bags work just as well and take up less room.

10 Basic Tips for Going to Disney World with Little Ones8. Take a Portable Battery Charger: You know you will be taking video and pics of this magical time with your kids. Don’t lose that precious battery life and start rationing out what you want to use your battery life on, take a battery charger with you! There are several options out there, even a charger they sell on property at Disney World. It works great and does the job, but just like with anything it has it pros and cons. So, find what is best for you and go with it!

9. Download all of the Disney Apps you need before your trip: It’s just easier that way! Try them out before you go, they may not be what you want anyway. Of course, don’t forget to download the MyDisneyExperience App.

10. Take a great attitude: Mamas and Daddies, I know you spent a lot of money to go on this trip and you want it to be perfect! I get it, I do! But…..wait for it……..it’s not going to be perfect. Your kids are going to have meltdowns. YOU are going to have meltdowns! You are going to get off schedule. The baby is going to poop right when you are about to get on Peter Pan’s Flight. It’s okay I promise! The memories you are making are going to be priceless with and without the unwelcome additions to your schedule. My husband and I have realized that when we chill out and go with the flow, we have a better Disney trip, regardless of how many things went wrong. Usually the things that went wrong end up being the highlights of our trips and the most memorable!

Would you like to add anything? What are your thoughts?

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