DID YOU KNOW: Calories Do NOT Count In Disney World

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Just announced! Did You Know: Calories Do NOT Count In Disney World? Okay, Okay, maybe that is not the whole truth. Read on to find out what we are talking about!

Did You Know: Calories Do NOT Count In Disney World


Disney World is filled wall to wall with delicious, yummy food. From sit down restaurants to “quick bites” on the run, there are literally hundreds of options for mouth watering treats. These “treats” do come with a price. CALORIES. Yes, I said the “C” word and we all know that is an ugly, ugly word! With that being said, do calories really count in Disney World? Well, technically speaking, yes. Non-technical, NO! Do you realize how many miles (yes, I said M-I-L-E-S) that you will be walking in a day’s time? On our last trip to Disney World, we actually counted every single step-from the beginning of the day until the bitter end. Of course we knew we walked a lot, just because our feet let us know that fact.

Did You Know: Calories Do NOT Count In Disney WorldFor example, in Animal Kingdom, on our first day in the park, we walked a total of 8.51 miles. That is in just ONE day. The next day, in Magic Kingdom, 15 miles! Most days, I do great to walk half a mile on the treadmill. In Disney World, I run marathons around the parks and not even break out into a sweat. OK, that may be a lie too, sometimes I do sweat…A LOT. Be sure to wear lots of DEODORANT! My favorite is from our very own Mandi: PERFECT DEODORANT FOR DISNEY!


While on the subject of walking, Disney World is not the place to wear the cute little heels. You might want to just leave those at home, unless you are just wearing them out to dinner for an hour or two. I cannot stress this enough: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! Bring a pair of flip flops to lounge around the resort in and pack the good, walking tennis shoes. Even if you don’t normally wear these type of shoes, you will thank me by day three of walking non-stop.

My oldest son purchased a pair of new tennis shoes right before our trip and insisted on wearing them to Disney. Yes, I know, I know. Mom should have packed another pair just in case. (Mom slacked big time!). By day two, he had blisters on top of blisters. We stopped by the resort store to grab a “cheap” pair of shoes to get by with. Those “cheap” shoes ended up costing around $100 bucks. Has he worn them again since that last trip? NOPE. Did we learn our lesson? YES!

Find out how to keep those feet happy in Disney World right HERE: HAPPY FEET IN DISNEY WORLD! Also keep a close check on those legs! The Disney Rash can sneak up on you!

Did You Know: Calories Do NOT Count In Disney World

Healthy Options

With all of the dining options in Disney World, most restaurants do offer a “healthier” option. For example, most restaurants offer several “lighter or healthier” meals. They also offer what is called “Mickey’s Kid Check” meals that is offered on the children’s menu. You will find baked and broiled items are available plus a great variety of veggies. Disney also makes sure to include “allergy friendly” offerings as well.

What is the moral of this story? What IS the point of this blog? Simple. Enjoy every second. Whether you are indulging in a cake pop, or happily munching on a 5 course meal: ENJOY it. There is no right or wrong way to “do Disney”. So, when you are walking 20 miles a day, I personally think that “calories do NOT count”! Just my opinion, though (insert wink)!

What is your “splurge” while in Disney World? Which treat will you grab time after time? Here are some of our MOST favorite splurges: FAVORITE SNACKS.

DID YOU KNOW: Calories Do NOT Count In Disney World

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