Top 10 Secrets to Keeping Your Feet Happy in Disney World


Walt Express is about to let you in on some secrets to SAVE THOSE TOOTSIES at Disney World! Today we’re sharing our Top 10 Secrets to Keeping Your Feet Happy in Disney World.

Let’s face it, if you are walking 10 plus miles a day in Disney World, your feet are NOT going to be your best friend. And that is exactly the time that you really need your feet to be at their best!

We’ve trekked miles and miles at the Disney parks and today we’re sharing our top 10 tips to help your soon-to-be-tender tootsies!

Top 10 Secrets to Keeping Your Feet Happy in Disney World

#1: SHOES:

This one is a “no brainer.” The correct shoes will make you or break you on a Disney vacation!

Disney World is NOT the place to wear those cute little 3 inch heels even if they are your go-to for a night out (yes, I have done it myself!). You will need a good, comfortable pair of tennis shoes or running shoes, preferably a pair that has been worn for a few months.

Do NOT buy a new pair of shoes and wear them for the first time in Disney World. My son did this once and we ended up with about 456 blisters and spent well over $125 for sandals in Animal Kingdom, just to finish out our trip.

If staying on property, bring a pair of flip flops or something similar for walking around the resort. This way, your feet can air out a little.

RunDisney Special Edition Shoes (credit: Mickey Views Toy Story Mania #runDisney Shoes via photopin (license))


You will want to keep an extra pair of socks in your bag during your day in the parks. Your feet will sweat and some attractions will get you wet. Nothing is worse than walking around the park in wet socks.

(If you don’t use them – great! They didn’t take up much space… but if you need them and don’t have them… you’ll wish you had taken our advice.)


Moleskin feels like a little piece of heaven on your feet after you have a blister from walking so much. You can purchase this at pretty much any department store or pharmacy.


I am the first to admit that there have been seasons of life that I am more sedentary – especially in the winter.

Don’t wait until a week before you go to actually get moving.. Or worse yet, have your first “10,000 step day” be at the parks. Start taking the stairs, go for nightly walks as a family – just start moving now. 

The Disney Rash


It’s real people, it’s REAL! This happens to even the most experienced Disney goers. Find out what exactly it is and how to get relief: THE DISNEY RASH


Magnesium is a game-changer. I first had it recommended to me by my friend who is pretty “hippy” oriented, but it’s awesome for saving you tons of muscle aches and pains – and it is also awesome if you have little sleep resistors like I do. My friend Mandi shares more about the BENEFITS OF MAGNESIUM here.


There are literally tons of foot lotions and creams out there, but honestly – any kind of lotion will do. It’s the actual “rubbing” it in that helps the most. You can bring lotion with you – or just use the lotions available in your hotel room.

PS- secret tip from me to you, if your kid is whining for that silly souvenir, this is a great time to barter with them for a foot rub. (Hey, don’t judge! When your feet hurt, you are willing to pay any amount of money!)

Taking an ice cream break

#8: TAKE BREAKS: You are going to walk…A LOT! Take a break, sit down, take your shoes and socks off for a bit and let them rest and air out! Maybe just don’t do it where other people are eating…


When you get back to your room for the night, run a tub of hot water and soak them for a little while.


I know some of us like to “pack light”. Don’t skimp on the shoes. Bring an extra pair just in case! If in doubt, see “secret #1” (yes, my feelings are STILL hurt about paying over $125 for shoes at Disney).

How to tape your feet for extra support

Extra Tips to Keep Your Feet Happy

These tips are especially helpful if you plan to partake in any RunDisney events:

  • Bring a good muscle rub – even better than H20 lotion, a good muscle rub will help make those late night trips to the food court a bit more bearable.
  • KT Tape: Put this on your achy feet and it will take the ache away! It is like magic! Check out the pic of my friend Mandi’s poor feet after her run and in-between park time with her family. They were sore, but the tape gave her muscles the support to keep moving.

These are just a few tips and tricks my family uses to “save our feet” while at Disney World. If you have any tips, we would love to hear them. I hope this helps to “save your feet” on your next visit to Disney World!

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