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Walt Disney World is huge, about 40 square miles and it can be tricky to figure out what the most effective mode of transportation can be to get from one part of property to another.  This especially comes into play when you are trying to get to a dining experience at one resort and you are staying at another! Many people assume that they will have to pay for cabs or ride-shares once on Disney property however Disney really does think of it all! The great thing about staying on Disney property is that they have a great, free, transportation system in place that is easy to navigate if you know your options and plan ahead! Did you know there is a such thing as Disney World FREE transportation?#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYTRANSPORTATION Disney World FREE Transportation

Disney World FREE Transportation

Below are some of the FREE modes of transportation to take advantage of while exploring Walt Disney World Resort!


All resort hotels have access to bus transportation to different locations across property. Some resorts rely only on bus transportation while others have access to several modes. Regardless, knowing how the bus system works is essential in allowing yourself enough time to get where you are aiming to go. When on Disney property you can see through My Disney Experience under My Reservations when the next bus to your desired destination is coming! #WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYTRANSPORTATION Disney World FREE Transportation

Disney is always trying to make their guests experience even more enjoyable so they have updated their bus fleet to include new seats, laminate floors and even USB ports to charge up while on the go!

 Buses to the Theme Parks:

  • Begin running 45 minutes before the park opens
  • Cease running 1 hour before park closes

 Buses from the Theme Parks to your Resort Hotel:

  • Run continuously throughout the day at about a 20 minute intervals until 2 hours after park close.

 Buses to Disney Springs from your Resort:

  • Begin running 45 minutes before opening until 1:00 am
  • Return to resort hotels continuously throughout the day at about a 20 minute intervals until 2 am.

 Buses to Disney Springs from Theme Parks:

  • Begins at 4 pm until 11 pm or two hours after park close.
  • One Way Only!!!!!!


The monorail is iconic. Envisioned by Walt himself, the monorail provides transportation to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot from several Magic Kingdom area resorts.#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYTRANSPORTATION Disney World FREE Transportation

The Monorail has three routes:

  • Resort loop: Connects the three Monorail Resorts (Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian Village) with the Magic Kingdom
  • Monorail resorts to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC)
  • Epcot Monorail from the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC)


Different resorts have various water taxing and ferry services to different parks. The list below outlines some of those options:

  • Friendship Boats: Epcot Area resorts (Yacht/Beach Club, Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot)
  • Ferry service to Magic Kingdom from Wilderness Lodge, Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Ticket and Transportation Center.
  • Ferry service to Disney Springs from Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYTRANSPORTATION Disney World FREE Transportation


The new Disney Skyliner is debuting this fall and will connect Hollywood Studios and Epcot at the International Gateway with Caribbean Beach Resort, the new Riviera Resort as well as Pop Century and Art of Animation. Each car is adorned with your favorite Disney characters which is sure to make for a fun way to get back to your room or off to your favorite attraction! This is set to open on September 29, 2019! 

A Final Thought on Disney World FREE Transportation

Lastly, going from resort to resort can be tricky so always discuss with your Authorized Disney Travel Planner what your options are. Once you are there, a cast member at your resort can help you with any last minute questions as well! It may involve taking several buses or a boat and walking a little for example. It is suggested to leave at least an hour to get from your resort to theme parks and at least 90 minutes between various resorts. It may seem like a lot but you don’t want to leave it up to chance to miss a dining reservation or rope drop if that was what you had planned!

What is your favorite mode of transportation while visiting Disney World? Head on over to Disney Express Lane and let us know what your favorites are!

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