Video: Gaston Meet & Greet at Disney World Review

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Find out why this is a favorite meet and greet in the Magic Kingdom with the Video: Gaston Meet & Greet at Disney World Review!

Video: Gaston Meet & Greet at Disney World Review

My family LOVES  to meet characters at Walt Disney World, in fact, we’ve been known to make special trips JUST to get that autograph. My personal favorite character meet and greet is Gaston! You can find him in Fantasyland near Gaston’s Tavern. You can probably hear him before you get there. His voice definitely carries throughout the village!

Tip #1: Be Prepared

Gaston Meet and Greet at Disney World: Magic KingdomWith Gaston, as with any character, it’s always fun to prepare something to say or do related to their storyline. Our babysitter, Maggie, who prefers to be referred to as Nanny Mary Margaret after meeting Mary Poppins, got in line with the kids. The three of them finally reached the front of the line after a small wait. They all had their autograph books and pens at the ready. My son handed his to Gaston first. He signed them all and made sure to note that he was handing all of them back to my son because “girls don’t need to have books.” Maggie also had an Ariel pen which he made sure to mention was a fish.

Now, Maggie had mentioned to me earlier, that she thought the Prince from “Beauty and The Beast” was the most handsome (after his transformation of course.) So, as the interaction with Gaston was wrapping up, I made sure to mention that to him. His reaction was priceless and hilarious! My daughter also got in a wisecrack telling him that he wasn’t strong. Needless to say, he had a response for that as well.

Once the kids had their time with Gaston it was Mama’s turn! In fact those are the words I used. Gaston said “Mama? You look more like their sister.” Well, if I didn’t like him before I surely did after that!

Tip #2: Disney Themed Shirts Are Always a Plus

Gaston Meet and Greet at Disney World: Magic KingdomAnother tip I like to give my clients, besides knowing their storyline, is to wear shirts that are Disney themed. The characters really love to see you wear clothing that has their faces on it or makes mention of them. They will usually make a big deal out of it and it can lead to a fun interaction. I had some shirts made for my kids that say “My Mom is my favorite

Disney Evil Queen.” They really went over well with all the Cast Members but the characters especially got a kick out of them! When Gaston saw them he was very jealous that HE wasn’t my kid’s favorite Disney Evil person. I told him, while he was their favorite villain, I would always be the one they loved the most!

Tip #3: Sorry No FastPasses

Video: Gaston Meet & Greet at Disney World ReviewGaston is a very popular character and there is currently not a FastPass Plus option for his line. All characters take breaks throughout the day and meet at certain times. I suggest  picking up a guide when you first enter the parks so that you will know, not only the times they are available, but also their locations. With Gaston, as with some of the other more popular characters, I would highly recommend you get in line at least 30 minutes before a scheduled time, if not sooner. We like to grab a light snack and a cool drink and enjoy that while we wait. Gaston’s Tavern is nearby, where you can pick up a LeFou’s Brew which is quite tasty! You can even purchase it in a souvenir cup if you wish. It has Gaston’s picture on one side and The Beast’s on the other. That’s a perfect prop right there for your meeting with the intimidating specimen with biceps to spare!

Have you meet with this intimidating specimen with biceps to spare? Tell us about your experience in the comments. We would love to hear!

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photo credit: Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage via photo pin (license)

photo credit: Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage via photopin (license)

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