Favorite Souvenir: Disney World Pressed Coins

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Every time we travel to Disney World, there is something our family loves to do: collect Disney World pressed coins. Making and collecting these flattened coins has been something I’ve loved to do since I was a kid and now love to do with my own kids. Pressed coins at Disney World is a fun, creative AND cheap souvenir!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneysouvenirs #pressed coins at disney world

I LOVE Collecting Disney World Pressed Coins

Pressed coin collecting is one of the most fun (and cheaper) souvenirs at Disney World. They are made especially fun by the fact that they do take some preparation that you can do together with your family before the trip. Once you get to Disney World, you can finish off the process by making and collecting your pressed coins!

#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneysouvenirs #pressed coins at disney world

How Do I Start Collecting Pressed Coins?

One of the first things we do is start collecting our change in a jar. My husband, mother-in-law, and I all contribute, and sometimes our kids do too. They love adding money to the ‘Disney jar’ and it makes things a little bit more special to them since they helped. You’ll probably want to focus on pennies and quarters since most of the machines require 51¢ to work: one penny to be pressed and two quarters to make the machine work. Pennies are the most frequently seen presses at Disney World, but there are also a limited number of dime and quarter presses!

How Do I Carry All Those Collectable Pressed Coins?

One of my favorite things that I learned for pressed coin collecting that has made my life so much easier: Mini M&M tubes are PERFECT for storing your coins! No more bags of coins to figure out how to fit in your bag, and it’s especially handy if you’re flying since you can just pull out the coin tubes if asked!

#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneysouvenirs #pressed coins at disney world

There are two sizes of Mini M&M Tubes. The smaller length ones are perfect for storing your pennies and dimes. The longer tubes are perfect for storing your quarters! You can fit about 72 quarters in a long tube, which is enough money to make 36 pressed pennies. 36 pennies and some dimes fit in the smaller tube with room to spare! I haven’t done the math per machine, but you won’t be able to make 36 pennies if you do a dime or quarter machine during your trip, but that’s not a big deal since having some of each just makes your collection more unique! In total you can have 36 little souvenirs for $18.36; talk about a bargain!!

How Do I Store Pressed Coins Once I’ve Made Them?

One of the biggest problems we’ve had with our pressed coins is storage. There are several options, but what’s worked best for us is an inexpensive coin collecting booklet. These are sometimes called “Penny Passports”, and Disney World sells a version as well. Basically, they are flat books that have slots to store your coins once they’re pressed. There are slots that will fit pennies and dimes and some slots that are big enough for other coins, such as quarters. They are a much better alternative to throwing your pennies into your pocket or your park bag since there’s a chance you won’t see those ever again (please don’t ask me how I know).

#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneysouvenirs #pressed coins at disney world

Why Pressed Coins?

I would have to say, why not? There is something really cool about using the ‘hand-crank’ models of pressed coin machines, and my kids love getting to have a hand in making them for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with the newer models because those are fun to watch as they work, but the hand-crank is just too cool! Of all of our souvenirs, these are normally a favorite next to autograph books! Pressed coins aren’t just a Disney Parks thing so you can collect them from other parks and museums all over the United States and add to your Disney coins.

#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneysouvenirs #pressed coins at disney world

Disney World Resorts and Disney Springs will also have pressed coin machines in various places, so even if you’re not spending a ton of time in the parks, you can still collect a few coins along the way. The best part of the pressed coins is that they are different at each machine and they change up to several times a year, so you are guaranteed to get something different every visit! There are lots of places that you can find pressed coin machines on property and some of them update as soon as new machines are added! I would say that even if you don’t want to be a full-time pressed coin collector it’s definitely still worth grabbing a few in the parks while you visit!

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