Did You Know: Disney Parks Offer Rider Switch To Make Your Trip Easier

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What do you do when someone isn’t tall enough to ride your favorite ride? Did You Know: Disney Parks Offer Rider Switch To Make Your Trip Easier?

Did You Know: Disney Parks Offer Rider Switch To Make Your Trip Easier

Did You Know: Disney Parks Offer Rider Switch To Make Your Trip EasierIn our Did You Know series, we are giving you some insider tips and shortcuts that will make your Disney experience even better! One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, What is Rider Switch? You are in luck! We are here to tell you all about it and how it will make your trip easier.

What is Rider Switch?

Rider switch is a convenience that Walt Disney World offers to every visitor with a park ticket. Sometimes someone in your party can’t or simply will not participate in some rides or attractions. It may be because the person does not meet the height requirement, has a medical issue, or maybe they simply do not want to ride. But wait! Don’t just walk away and make everyone miss out. Now is the time to use rider switch!

How Does It Work?

Rider Switch is super simple if you understand how it works. If someone can’t or doesn’t want to ride, simply have one adult stay back with the non-riders. Then the others go ahead to enjoy the ride. When the riders return, they will give the adult who is waiting with the non-rider(s) a rider switch pass. The adult who stayed behind can now ride without having to wait in the standby line. Thanks, Disney!

  1. Everyone in the group should approach the standby line or FastPass line if you used a FastPass for the ride. Even the person who does not plan to ride.
  2. Inform the cast member at the entrance that you have someone who does not want to ride. Request a rider switch pass. Note: Some attractions and rides do not offer rider switch. The cast member will tell you at this time if that ride offers rider switch.
  3. If the ride offers rider switch, the cast member will direct the main group to proceed through the line and will request the non-riders wait in a designated spot. Sometimes the adult staying with the non riders will receive the pass at this time and sometimes the rider switch pass is given to the main group at the second FastPass check-in. If this happens, you may receive a lanyard or other piece of paper to give to the cast member at the second check in.
  4. After the main group rides the attraction, they will return to the area where the adult is waiting with the non-riders. The first group will now wait with the non-riders to allow the adult who hasn’t gotten to experience the attraction or ride to have their turn.
  5. The second group will need to present the rider switch pass to the cast member at the FastPass entrance. The second group will be allowed to enter at the FastPass entrance and may have up to two other guests come along. This is mainly to allow each parent to ride with at least two of their children.

Quick Tips for Maximizing Rider Switch

  • Always bring the whole group to the entrance of the ride when requesting a rider switch pass.
  • Rider switch passes are good for one adult and up to two more people.
  • Rider switch passes are usually good for the entire month. So if you took one for the team and then need to leave before getting to ride, you can use it on another day as long as it is within the same calendar month when you return.

To find out more about Rider Switch and see the list of current attractions included, visit the official Walt Disney World page HERE.

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