Great Wolf Lodge And Why You Need To Visit NOW!

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Great Wolf Lodge could be a great addition to your Disney vacation. Great Wolf Lodge has several locations, including Anaheim, California close to Disneyland. We had the pleasure to visit their location in Georgia. My family of five had a great time and would love to go back soon. Upon our arrival, we were presented with armbands that each of us wore for the duration of our stay. This armband allowed us to get into our room, among other things. It kinda reminds you of Disney World’s Magicband, just not as fancy and you cannot use it from stay to stay like Magicbands.;-)#WALTEXPRESS #GREATWOLFLODGE GREAT WOLF LODGE

Great Wolf Lodge

Let’s start with the room…. the room was so cozy and spacious! Sometimes it is a bit hard to find a hotel room for my family of five without having to get a roll-away bed. The rooms at Great Wolf Lodge were spacious and comfortable for everyone. We had the family suite room with a sofa bed and two double beds, perfect for my family.

Not only are the rooms great but……Get ready to have fun with activities including, dining, crafts, water sports, rock climbing and mini golf.

But, before we get into all of that……LET’S TALK FOOD, BABY!

Great Wolf Lodge Dining

Dining was so easy. There were quite a few places to eat including pizza, less expensive dining experiences, as well as Dunkin Donuts and Ben and Jerry’s. Um, yes please! Dunkin Donuts came in handy for a yummy breakfast after staying up late with all of the fun activities the night before. The best part about it all? At Great Wolf Lodge branded venues the chef’s are passionate about making sure anyone with allergies are safe. They have separate allergy-free prep areas that are utilized when preparing meals for guests with dietary restrictions. This Mama was super happy, since eating out at our local eateries are so hard. It was not hard at all at Great Wolf Lodge for any of my family that has food allergies.

Fun Art And Crafts

The moment we walked out of our hotel door we saw crafts that the kids could enjoy as well as so many other activities, including yoga, Build-a-Bear, story time and so much more. I even learned that you could throw your kids’ birthday party there. I mean, how awesome is that? Fun and clean facility that any kid would enjoy.

Once we were done with our crafts, we headed to Great Wolf Adventure Park and mini golf! The kids had a blast while my husband and I enjoyed watching them have an indoor fun experience away from the cold. For a small extra charge your family can enjoy all of the fun indoor activities, Oh and hey, by the way, Mom and Dad…… don’t forget about the adult beverages. With all of this fun why not sit back and relax as well.

SO Much To Do

Although we only stayed for twenty four hours, my family and I were able to do so much, including the main attraction…. the indoor water park. THE KIDS LOVED IT! It was very clean, it was easy to keep up with the kids in the water play area and my husband and I were able to relax just a bit. It was definitely worth seeing my kids having a great time. While it was freezing cold outside, it was a warm Summer day inside!

We were so excited to be invited to Great Wolf Lodge and it did not disappoint. It would be a great addition to your Disney adventure, whether you are going to Disneyland or you are passing by one on your drive into a Disney Park.

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