Lounging: How Adults Take Breaks At Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

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Walt Disney World is the place where dreams become reality. Where family memories are made. Where you leave your troubles behind. But, let’s face it, sometimes you get tired, or hot, or it’s raining, and you need a break. Guess what? You’re normal. Even Disney veterans need a rest break. No worries! Disney has a solution: Lounges. You heard me right. Lounges. I know, it’s Disney World and you have places to go and things to do, but you’re family deserves a little lounge time! Each Disney World park (except for Magic Kingdom) is packed full of various places to grab a drink and take a load off. I’m going to take you on a tour of various locations where we enjoy getting a drink, charging our phones, and recharging ourselves. First on our list is Lounging at Hollywood Studios!#waltexpress #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios lounging at hollywood studios

Lounging At Hollywood Studios

BaseLine Tap House

First up, one of our FAVORITES, BaseLine Tap House. We go here every single time we are at Hollywood Studios. They have a tremendous selection of beer on tap, a few cocktails, and wine. The kids LOVE the the Blue Sky Black Cherry Soda on tap. It’s bottomless, and one time they refilled it so much the bartender went ahead and told them where the bathroom was because “they were going to need it.” Ha! We also get the charcuterie board and pretzel with dipping sauces as well. We are creatures of habit, and this is our order every single time. Our kids are weird, and they’re actually the ones who eat the charcuterie board, and we eat the pretzel.#waltexpress #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios lounging at hollywood studios

If you sit along the wall, they have outlets to charge your phone as well (insert all the praise hands). And, they play cover band versions of classic songs and change them to ballads. I know it sounds weird, and some of them are, but I love it all the same. Where else can you hear someone else covering Michael Jackson as elevator music? Nowhere, that’s where.

There are a couple downsides to this lounge: the menu is solely snack foods and the seating in the air conditioning is minimal. You would not want to go here for a meal. When we get our two items to snack on, we have purchased half the options on the menu. There are plenty of seats outside, but if you’re looking for some air conditioning or to charge your phone, you may have to stalk some of the seats inside. If you’re lucky enough to get the big table inside you may could even squeeze in a game of 21 using salt packets as your poker chips like we did.#waltexpress #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios lounging at hollywood studios

Here’s a little secret…sometimes Sci Fi Dine In will give away popcorn next door, so you can hop over (there is a door connecting Baseline and Sci Fi) and grab a little cup of FREE popcorn. Score!#waltexpress #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios lounging at hollywood studios

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

If you’re looking for a more filling option, The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge has a variety of options from which to choose. They take the best of the best, and make it available outside in the lounge. Pros: You don’t need a reservation. It’s quick. You get a good meal and drinks fast. Cons: It’s outside. In Orlando. Humidity, rain, heat..need I say more? Our family isn’t the best about making reservations for ourselves because we never know where we’re going to end up at dinner time. Insert Hollywood Brown Derby. As long as it’s not the middle of Summer, we have been able to enjoy our meals here in the shade under the umbrellas.

The Famous Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb Salad is fabulous, and the price isn’t bad. The Derby Sliders and Andouille Crusted Shrimp are also worth a try. The kids loved the non-alcoholic selections because they all came with an “ice cube” that changes color. Is it worth $5.99 for Sprite with flavoring and a colored ice cube? Probably not, but at least you get to take the ice cube home (so it can sit in a drawer and not get used-but at least you feel like you got your money’s worth at Disney World).#waltexpress #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios lounging at hollywood studios

If you are looking for more spots around Disney World to take a little break from it all, check out this one: FAMILY FRIENDLY BREAKS AT DISNEY WORLD.

We hope you enjoyed Lounging At Hollywood Studios. Make sure you check back for our next segments: Lounging at Magic Kingdom Hotels, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot!


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