How to Avoid 10 Disney Vacation Planning Struggles!

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Anyone that has ever planned a Disney vacation KNOWS what I am talking about! Find out How to Avoid 10 Disney Vacation Planning Struggles!

How to Avoid 10 Disney Vacation Planning Struggles!

We all have our struggles when it comes to planning our magical vacation for Walt Disney World. Some cannot fathom the planning process or just simply do not have the time and may choose to use a Disney Vacation Planner. Others love the whole concept of planning for their magical trip and spend countless hours making it perfect. Whichever category you fall in, one thing is for sure: it takes time and perseverance to get the planning “just right” for you and your family.

Top 10 Struggles

1.) Waiting: So you have paid the deposit on your magical vacation and now YOU WAIT! Yes, it stinks but, waiting can be fun, right?! Just think, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Your heart will be full by the time you get there! Be patient, but in the mean time, here are a few things that can keep you occupied: Make a fun countdown calendar for the kids. Start a Disney Box. Watch the Disney Planning Video and Disney YouTube videos to get in the spirit.

2.) Planning Dinner Reservations: Make a list of your favorite restaurants. If you have never been to Walt Disney World, make a list of your favorite cuisines then at 180 days out work down your list starting at your favorite and make your reservations. Try not to get overwhelmed by all of the available choices, just go by what your family likes. All of them have their pros and cons, just like with anything else in life. Don’t forget, Disney Springs has a lot to offer too! Use this idea to narrow down your park days based on where your family wants to dine! Also, check out our dining reviews for inspiration and great information on many of the most popular locations.

3.) Planning FastPasses: You are the only one that knows what is important to you and your family when it comes to your magical vacation. So pick your first FastPass+ choices and adjust from there. My FastPass+ choices may not be the same as yours and vice versa. For instance, I go with three children under the ages of six, so my top two Fast Passes are Peter Pan’s Flight and Enchanted Tales with Belle. If my husband and I were the only ones going, the top two Fast Passes would look A LOT different. If you are staying on Disney property, make sure you plan your FastPasses 60 days out. For all other guests, you will be able to reserve your choices at 30 days out. The sooner you do this, the better your chances are of getting what you want!

4.) Deciding which Characters or Princesses to Meet: If you feel you cannot seem to fit all of the meet and greets in that you would like, then character dining may be right for you. Walt Disney World has a lot of dining experiences you can choose from, but don’t let the choices overwhelm you.

5.) Money: Okay yes, money is obvious. But let’s be honest, you will need money on hand when planning a Walt Disney World vacation. Between airline tickets, hotels and park tickets, the price for a family can add up. Disney WorldDisneyland and all other parks are getting more expensive every year. However, as I have said before, you are paying for quality at Disney Parks and you will certainly get your money’s worth if you plan well. Our tips for saving are to start a Disney Vacation Account, buy Tinker Bell gifts before you arrive, or get a Disney Chase Visa Card. Selling items from your home on eBay and Etsy are also a great option. The possibilities are endless of how you can save or earn money for your next magical vacation. Get creative and build that Disney fund!

6.) Going with multiple age groups: Making everyone happy can be daunting, but stop with the struggle. You can’t make everyone happy all at the same time. If you are going with multiple age groups, don’t be afraid to split up and then come back together at the end of the day.

7.) To take a stroller or not take a stroller: If you have little ones, your stroller will be your “home base” during your day in the park. Your stroller can be used to keep all of your kids’ necessities. Even if your child doesn’t usually use a stroller, you might want to consider it. It is A LOT of walking in Walt Disney World and kids get tired fast. I highly recommend Kingdom Strollers if you are flying or don’t want to take up valuable packing space in your vehicle. My family and I have always had a great experience with their services and they will deliver straight to your resort.

How to Avoid 10 Disney Vacation Planning Struggles!

8.) Breaks or NO breaks: Planning breaks is a struggle for most families. No one wants to plan a break when they could be having fun. But let me tell you, PLAN THE BREAK! Yes, I am yelling at you, because if you don’t, you will be the one yelling. So yeah, plan the breaks, no matter your age. Whether you go back to the room and take a nap or rest on a bench, breaks are a MUST. Don’t get overly tired, because you won’t enjoy yourself. So make your trip worth while and get some rest.

9.) How much should the kids be allowed for souvenirs? Hey, this is completely up to you. I get asked this a lot and I have to say my kids don’t take a lot because we go so frequently. No matter how much you allow them to take, consider getting a Disney gift card and letting them pay on their own. They will feel important and special, but make sure you write down all of the gift card information just in case they lose it. Pick an amount for each child to spend and stick to it! When the money is gone, they are done shopping.

10.) Should I invest in ID tags or wristbands? In my opinion, YES! Walt Disney World is a big place and you never know what could happen. It would make it a lot easier if your child has all of his or her information on an ID tag or wristband so that Cast Members can find you. I love the wristbands below, because my daughter has severe food allergies, so I include that on the wristband. My daughter thinks they are cute too! So it’s a win-win!

We hope this helps!

Hopefully this will help take those struggles out of your magical vacation! What would you add to the list? What is a struggle you have while planning your Walt Disney World vacation? Join the Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to discuss your biggest planning struggles and many other Disney related topics.


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