Light the Torches & Prepare the Stakes: Disney Ticket Prices Increase!


Disney Ticket Prices Increase

Light the Torches & Prepare the Stakes: Disney Ticket Prices Increase!

Anonymouse here! So glad to be back but, really, I wouldn’t have to return if all of you didn’t give me such great material to work with.

Okay, so, heres the deal…..

Rumor has it, Disney is increasing prices on tickets today, tomorrow, next week; who knows really when it will take place…. (UPDATE: It happened today!)



What’s the problem?

I know, I know! It’s already WWWAAAAYYYYY too expensive to go to Disney and, yes, I agree you have to take out a small loan to visit the Mouse BUT….

People, you know how this works, we have all been around long enough to know that this happens, more frequently these days, sure. But, you know the drill by now. Boycotting, petitioning and griping about it online is not going to change the super powers that be and their glorious minds. Disney is not going to change their policy or thinking just because, you have been going since you were a wee little kid. Disney is not going to change their mind because, you asked “pretty please”. Disney is not going to change their mind just because, you are so angry you could spit.

Let’s be honest and real here……

You will continue to go with all of the rest of us crazies because, you are a TRUE Disney fan!

No matter how high ticket prices go you will find a way to continue to go to your favorite destination. You will find a second job, sell some extra unwanted items at home, heck, you may even sell your child to continue to go to your favorite destination. (Hey, that might be a great idea, one less whiner on your travels. Sounds great to me!)

Getting to the point, I promise.

So, the point is….


Put down the pitch forks and calm down!

Plan your Disney vacation and kiss your money good-bye! The Disney gods now have free range over your bank account and you know you love it! So, SHUT UP and quit your gripping!

Quit talking about what you want to do, because you know good and well you won’t!

Thank you for tuning into my Disney Public Service Announcement. You can now go on with your day. Make sure it’s a great one!

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P.S. Please note the exact changes before you start petitioning, at least. GO HERE FOR MORE INFO! They aren’t THAT bad, I promise!

P.S.S. No children were sold or are planning to be sold. No one was harmed or put up for auction after this post!

Hey there everyone! So let me introduce myself. I am, “anonymouse”! Get it? Anonymouse? Walt Express has asked me to come onboard and share my gossip, opinionated views, and outlandish remarks. I am keeping myself anonymouse, because well you know, let’s not get crazy! I am the masked mouse and will continue to be through our duration together.

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