Meeting Disney’s Moana: A Disney World Character Meet and Greet

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Don’t miss Meeting Disney’s Moana: A Disney World Character Meet and Greet! Walt Express has all the details on how to meet her and the best times for short lines.

Meeting Disney’s Moana: A Disney World Character Meet and Greet

***As of this time (April 24th, 2017), Disney’s Moana is no longer meeting in Hollywood Studios. We will be on the lookout for when she reappears in the parks, so check back often for updates.***

Disney’s Moana was released recently to a lot of fanfare and the movie is already a big hit! Lucky for us, Disney World has already found a way to get the star of the show into the parks for meet and greet sessions. The Walt Express team was recently in the parks and we had the chance to meet up with Moana. Here are some of our tips for meeting her on your next visit.

Where to Find Moana

Moana is meeting at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park. As you enter the park, head down the main street (it’s called Hollywood Boulevard). When you get to Animation Courtyard, take a right. Go past Voyage of the Little Mermaid and then One Man’s Dream is on your right. There is a small sign outside noting that there is a Moana meet and greet, but not much else. The meet and greet is located at the back of this attraction. Look for the green wall and you will know you are close. If you have time to kill, definitely enjoy the exhibit that will tell you all about Walt’s life and legacy.

What to Expect

Meeting Disney's Moana: A Disney World Character Meet and GreetMoana meets towards the back of One Man’s Dream and the space is not very large. The queue is a bit dark and has scenery from the movie and lots of rock details. The queue itself is basically lines drawn on the floor and there is a cast member there to direct the flow of the line. When we met Moana, the cast members were giving out activity packets with information about Moana, mythology, wayfinding, and other related information and activities. Once you get to the waterfall area, a cast member will ask how many people are in your party. When the group ahead of you is finished meeting Moana, the cast member will guide you into the actual meet and greet area.

The meet and greet area is pretty with a beach/tropical theme. Moana is dressed in her grass skirt with overlapping sarong and her halter top has traditional folk art detailing. Moana is a lively character and my boys thought she was a lot of fun. We had not seen the movie yet, but my oldest son talked to her a bit about Maui, the demi-god. Moana very easy to talk to and we did not feel rushed at all. We also thought it was a nice touch that she offered to sign our Moana activity packet too.

Why You Should Meet Moana

Meeting Disney's Moana: A Disney World Character Meet and GreetOk, enough with the boring logistical talk about how to find the place. Let’s talk about what makes this meet and greet worth your while. First off, Moana is likely to be one of those characters that we will call rare in a few years. This is because Disney World has a tendency to run meet and greets for a limited time. Rarely do the characters from a recent movie become fixed characters. Recently, Disney had been keeping some of these characters around longer, but I think this is mainly due to growing pains and a need for more attractions and things to bring annual pass holders back.

Of course, if you love collecting signatures and having your photographs taken with characters, then this is a no-brainer. Meeting characters at the parks is such a fun experience, especially if you get into it and think of fun things to do with them or say. Our friend Kenny the Pirate has some of the best interaction tips around. Check out his site here for tons of ways to make all of your character meet and greets more exciting.


  • Meeting Disney's Moana: A Disney World Character Meet and GreetGo early for the shortest lines.
  • See the movie before visiting or at least know a little about the story line. Knowing more about the character can always make the experience more entertaining for everyone.
  • Don’t forget your autograph book and a pen.

Moana FUN

How adorable are these? MOANA HAMMOCK!!

Grab the magical fishhook before it’s gone!! MAGICAL FISHHOOK

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