One thing that everyone thinks about when going to Disney World is cost. Guests are always trying to find ways to save money while on vacation and I am here to give you a 5 money saving snacks you will want to try while visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldplanning 5 money saving snacks

5 Money Saving Snacks in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a fun park with lots of food and snack options for everyone! So let’s get started with some of my favorite and frugal snacks that you can find in Hollywood Studios.


First we have popcorn. Popcorn is my family’s favorite snack in any park. You can purchase a refillable popcorn bucket for a little bit more cost usually around $12.00 and you can have it refilled for around $2.00. This is great for a family that loves popcorn. And not only do you get amazing popcorn in all different flavors you get a cool souvenir also! On our last trip we went to Galaxy’s Edge and got a cool one and then we went to Epcot and got a different one. My kids loves them, and played with them after we got home from our trip. Popcorn is a great treat for the whole family to share.


I love cupcakes and Hollywood Studios makes some really delicious cupcakes! You can get character cupcakes or fun flavored cupcakes! They are available all over the parks. If you have never seen a Disney Cupcake, you should know they are huge! These can easily be shared between 2 to 4 people. They are usually very decadent and flavorful. My family loves to shares these to avoid getting a bellyache from so much sweetness! They average from $4.00 to $6.00. A popular cupcake that can be found in Hollywood Studios is the Butterfinger cupcake and you can find it at The Trolley Car Café. We always stop here when we first enter the park for our iced coffee and sometimes breakfast. Or on the way out we grab a favorite cupcake to share while we wait for the bus!


Have you tried Woody’s Lunch Box yet? If not, it’s a must try! They serve these delicious things called “totcho’s” which are tater tots with chili and cheese and sour cream. They cost $8.99, however these can easily be shared also! If you are looking for a quick snack to re-energize your family before a meal, this is a great option. At Woody’s, you can very easily use the mobile ordering. This area of the park is rather small and seating can be hard to find. We found using mobile ordering and finding somewhere else to sit in a shady spot is a great idea. You can see great views of the Slinky Dog ride and enjoy a nice filling snack.

Lunch Box Tart

I think it’s getting obvious I like Woody’s Lunch Box! Next on our list is the different Lunch Box Tarts they have to offer. There are different flavors and they cost $4.29. Currently they offer a Chocolate-Hazelnut, a Raspberry and a Lemon Blueberry flavors. These are definitely shareable too! So for less than $5.00 you can get a snack that the kids can share and love. Again, these can also be ordered using the mobile app that you can download onto your smartphone. Woody’s also serves plenty of meal options too, so you can always add a tart to your lunch or dinner order for a cheap and fun after dinner treat!

Jack’s Num Num Cookie

Okay, so this may be a little controversial as to whether or not it is considered frugal, but considering how many people can share this I am going to count it as frugal! I had heard about these cookies and seen many pictures online and I really wasn’t sure it was going to be all that great. I mean, it’s just a chocolate chip cookie right? Wrong! It is SO good. We stumbled upon it during our last trip while we were watching the Incredibles and I decided to purchase one for myself. It will cost you $5.79, however it is huge! It’s more like a mini pie than a cookie! It’s warm, baked perfectly and so chocolatey!

I split it with my other 3 family members. Not one complaint, it was a perfect sweet treat for us to enjoy while enjoying our show. I highly recommend giving this snack a try, but be ready to share. If you aren’t really into sharing, because let’s face it, it’s that good. You may want to bring something to keep it in so you can save it for later! You can find this amazing treat at Neighborhood Bakery in the Pixar Place area in Hollywood Studios.

5 Money Saving Snacks 

I hope you enjoy reading about these 5 frugal snacks you can find in Hollywood Studios. These are only a few of the snacks available. 

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