The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World’s EPCOT

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EPCOT has some amazing food, but don’t forget about the quick service options. The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World’s EPCOT will show you the best places to spend your quick service credits.

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The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World’s EPCOT

Eating at Walt Disney World is an experience in and of itself. In my opinion, EPCOT is the holy grail for park food. There is no other park that has so many choices with so much variety. You might be a little overwhelmed by all the choices, so we have created a list of our favorites to help you narrow things down. Here are The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in EPCOT.

6) Electric Umbrella

This quick service restaurant makes the top 6 list because of it’s location and classic menu. Located in the Innoventions East area makes it a perfect stop for those in hanging out in Future World. There is a huge seating area both inside and out which is another thing this place has going for it. The food isn’t anything spectacular, but it does fit the bill for picky eaters and hot and tired tourists. This location is open for both lunch and dinner. Check out the full menu HERE.

5)La Cantina de San Angel

The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World's EPCOTLocated in the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase, this one is always a winner when we are hungry for Mexican fare. We love the nachos, guacamole, and empanada here. We also think the view is beautiful when we can snag a spot to eat overlooking the water! The margarita aren’t too bad either. Find the full menu HERE.

4) Yorkshire Fish Shoppe

The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World's EPCOT Trot over to the United Kingdom pavilion in the World Showcase. Here you will find some of the best fish and chips on property! The menu is very simple; they literally only serve one meal (fish and chips) and a dessert. You can also get a great beer here, if you like that with your fish and chips. My family loves this place because it is a great value for one credit. The portions here are large (two big pieces of perfectly fried fish). Don’t buy a meal for everyone; instead split each plate between two people. You can find the menu HERE if you want to know which choices are available for beverages and dessert. 

3)Tangierine Café

Morocco’s pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase plays host to a sweet little secret. Most people don’t even know about it, but the Tangierine Café has some really unique and incredible food options for quick service. You can dine on authentic shawarma platters (oh that hummus!), rotisserie chicken, and there are two great vegetarian options too. The thing we really like is that they have both hamburgers and chicken tenders on the children’s menu. However, we would love to see at least one smaller version of the adult menu as a kid’s option for those children who are not picky. Check out the menu HERE and don’t forget about the wonderful pastries available.

2)Les Halles Boulangerie-PatissierieThe Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World's EPCOT

This traditional style bakery in the France section of the World Showcase will have you drooling before you get into the door. The smell of all that amazing French food, especially pastries, hits you in the face and it’s like heaven. I mean, is there really a better aroma than that of freshly baked pastries?! Savor sandwiches like jambon beurre, soups and bisques, and do NOT forget the desserts.

Our family loves to grab three items that qualify as snacks and exchange those for one quick service credit. I will admit that more times than not those three items are desserts. Hey, we are on vacation and if I want dessert for every meal, then by golly I’ll have dessert every meal. If you want dessert for breakfast, you will be happy to know that this quick service restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find the whole menu to salivate over HERE.

1) Sunshine Seasons

The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World's EPCOTFor my family, Sunshine Seasons wins the best quick service restaurant at EPCOT. Why? For one, the location is hard to beat.It’s located near Soarin’, in the downstairs section of Living with the Land. That location is perfect for breakfast or lunch because we always seem to be in that area around those times. Also, it’s very close to the entrance to World Showcase.

Another reason we adore this location is because of the sheer variety and plethora of healthier options. I mean seriously, where else can you get an Uncrustable Peanut Butter and Jelly, salmon, or a chicken wrap for the kids? For the adults, you can choose from Mongolian Beef, fish tacos, salmon, a power salad with kale and other superfood, and so many other options. They even have a great selection of vegan, gluten free, low-carb and other special dietary options. Read up on your options HERE.

There is simply no other quick service restaurant in EPCOT or any other park that offers this much variety. It’s sure to be a win in anyone’s dining book! Oh, and you can even order your meal on your phone and reduce your wait time.

The Top 6 Quick Service Restaurants in Disney World’s EPCOT

Raise your hand if that list has left you feeling hungry. We love Disney food and we know you do too. Tell us about your favorite quick service restaurants at EPCOT in the comments and join us in the Disney Express Lane Facebook Group to discuss this and many other Disney related topics.

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photo credit: Chris Benseler Epcot via photopin (license)

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