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Don’t miss Video: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a Disney World Review. With only a 40 inch height requirement, your little one might be just the right size to experience this roller coaster. However, don’t let that height restriction trick you into thinking this is a coaster just for little kids! Adults find Big Thunder Mountain Railroad just as thrilling!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is in the Frontierland section of Magic Kingdom. After entering Magic Kingdom, head straight down Main Street U.S.A. towards Cinderella Castle. Take the walkway at the left of the castle that takes you to Liberty Square. After passing over the bridge and past a few stores, head left. Follow that walkway to the end where you will see Splash Mountain. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is off to the right!

TIP: After entering Liberty Square, there is a small wooden pathway along the edge of the water that is less crowded than the main path. When you get to the end of this walkway, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is to your right.

The Queue

The queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad takes you through artifacts from Big Thunder Mining Company. As you are making your way through the queue, it looks as though you are walking through the abandoned mining Video: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a Disney World Reviewoffices. An excellent plus to the queue is there are several interactive props to help keep your children, and you, occupied during your wait!

The Story Behind the Ride

In the late 1800s, gold was discovered in the American Southwest and a mining community sprang up…Tumbleweed. Big Thunder Mining Company was established and work began. Mining was very successful and the company set up a large amount of mine trains to carry the ore from the mountain.

What the settlers of Tumbleweed didn’t know is that the mountain was a sacred place to the Native Americans and was cursed. With all of the mining destroying the mountain, a great tragedy came to Tumbleweed in the form of a flash flood. The town was then abandoned.

Legend is that some time later the trains were found running through the mountain on their own accord. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is now set up in the abandoned mining camp and invites tourists to experience this possessed mine train!

Video: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a Disney World ReviewThe Ride

Once you have made it to the loading area, you will board your very own mine train. To begin, you will pass through a bat infested tunnel. This tunnel is very loud and dark. If you have sensitive ears you may want to wear ear plugs.

You will ascend a hill and pass under a waterfall. Don’t worry, you will only get sprayed with a light mist. Once over the hill you drop to the left and the fun begins! Your train will twist and turn and wind its way through and around the flooded town of Tumbleweed. After you return to the loading station, you will exit to your right.

Overall, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is not what I would call a scary ride. It does go pretty fast but you do stay right side up…just hold on for a lot of fast twists and turns. My 11 year old daughter is fearful of roller coasters but Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is her favorite!

Height Requirement

You must be at least 40 inches to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. If someone in your party is less than 40 inches tall, they will not be allowed to ride.

Video: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a Disney World ReviewAccessibility and Other Information

You must transfer from your wheelchair or ECV to board Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


  • FastPass+ is offered and recommended for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • The best time to experience Big Thunder Mountain Railroad without using FastPass+ is at park opening.
  • Rider Switch is available so everyone that is tall enough can enjoy the ride.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad lasts about 7 minutes.
  • Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older.
  • If you have a child that isn’t quite tall enough for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and you are using Rider Switch, there is a small play area underneath the Walt Disney World Railroad tracks beside Splash Mountain that is a great place to wait while the rest of your party to enjoys the ride.

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