Video: Hidden Secrets of the Jungle Cruise

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Find intriguing details of this awesome ride with the Video: Hidden Secrets of the Jungle Cruise!

Jungle Cruise is one of my all time favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom. I love cheesy jokes, you know the ones…… The ones you find on Laffy Taffy, that kids think are hilarious! (Banana is my favorite, incase anyone wants to buy them for me. Here’s the link, no worries, I’ve got you covered.) Well, I think they are hilarious too! So, the Jungle Cruise is right up my up my goofy alley!

Video: Hidden Secrets of the Jungle CruiseMagic Kingdom Jungle Cruise History

Jungle Cruise was one of the first early attractions not based on a Disney animated film. On the suggestion of Harper Goff, the attraction took its inspiration from the film The African Queen. Walt’s early plans for this ride included real live animals. Inspired by the success of his True-Life Adventure Films, he was determined to bring these wonders of nature to a place where guests could see them up close and share his admiration.

After consulting  with some wise animal-care specialists, Walt was convinced that live exotics animals would never provide the consistent show he wanted. They couldn’t be trusted to stay in areas in which they’d remain visible and they’d sleep most of the day. Not to mention, they’d surely be irritated by the constant boatloads of gawkers and the special effects required to tell the story. But, don’t worry Walt did get his exotic animal experience but, not until many years later upon the opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in 1998, when clever, new design techniques enabled separation of animals and people. Disney thinks of everything!

The Amazon, Congo, Nile and Mekong rivers are represented here in this attraction. The skippers at the Magic Kingdom carry realistic looking prop guns that trigger an electronic gunshot sound through the boat’s audio system. Each variety of plant throughout the attraction was carefully selected especially for Florida’s extreme climates.

The Queue

The Queue is pretty cool in itself. It is filled with artifacts and is meant to resemble an outpost where a booking may be made to explore the jungle rivers.

Intriguing Details in the Jungle Cruise Magic Kingdom You Don't Want to Miss

The Ride

The ride starts when the skipper introduces himself in some kind of fun way where the ride starts in the Amazon River, followed by the Congo River, the Nile River, and last the Mekong River. All the while make sure you listen for the cheesy and hilarious comments made by the skipper as he narrates where you are and where you are going next while on this famous ride.

Make sure you are on the lookout for all of the Hidden Mickeys while on this ride too! Can you find them all? I haven’t been able to find them all. Which ones have you found. I would love to hear

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Oh and don’t forget about the Jingle Jungle Cruise, when your favorite ride turns into a Christmas favorite! (More to come on that later!)

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