6 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios located near Orlando, Florida is one of the more daunting Disney World experiences. Here we can delve into the movies and even explore Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge! There are many rookie mistakes to avoid at Hollywood Studios. Maybe my expert advice will help you avoid them!#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYWORLDHOLLYWOODSTUDIOS ROOKIE MISTAKES TO AVOID

6 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I’ve noticed over the years and from talking to people, that newbies miss out on so much! From not getting on some of the best rides to avoiding some really adorable shows. These are all just classic rookie mistakes that you may not realize you’re making. Here are some of the rookie mistakes that I personally hate to see happen.

6. Not Understanding the Rise of the Resistance Queue

Galaxy’s Edge is home to a lot of exciting things. One of the most sought-after attractions is Rise of the Resistance. The queue for this attraction is done entirely on your mobile device, through the My Disney Experience app. Currently, if you have a park reservation for Hollywood Studios, you can attempt to enter the queue at 7 a.m. the day of your reservation from anywhere, or at 1 p.m. from within the park. I’ve gotten into the virtual queue during my most recent visits by being on the app about 2 minutes before, and constantly refreshing the “join queue” page. This ride is completely worth it! Even if Star Wars isn’t your thing, this ride just shows how far Disney Imagineering has come.

5. Being Intimidated by Tower of Terror

A rookie mistake to avoid, this one being geared more towards the younger audience, is being scared of the big rides! Although the other parks have some huge rides, Hollywood Studios has some of the best that Disney has to offer. The Tower of Terror can be quite intimidating… I mean terror is in it’s name. It is so much more than your typical drop ride! There are so many variations of the ride that each time can be different. Rockin’ Roller Coaster is another ride that I’ve seen many people wait for, and then exit right before they get on. It’s always a fantastic choice and worth the wait!

4. Sleeping In

I’m not one to tell people to be there for rope drop. I did marry someone who thinks you have to do rope drop every single day, though. A rookie mistake to avoid is not taking advantage of rope drop at Hollywood Studios. Yes, you can get on Rise of the Resistance from the comfort of your bed, but Mickey’s Runaway Railroad is absolutely adorable and can have an insane wait time. Getting one of the major rides out of the way so early can really open up the rest of your day.

3. Skipping “Kiddie” Rides

Some of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios are the ones geared towards the children. Mickey’s Runaway Railroad and the Frozen sing-along are super fun for all ages. The Railroad might have replaced a classic, but it is so well done, that I’m not even mad. I recommend the Frozen sing-along to everyone who I help plan, whether they have children or not. It’s just too cute to not give it a shot!

2. Not Doing Toy Story Mania

If you don’t know, I’m a very competitive person, and I’m completely obsessed with all arcade style rides at Disney. My favorite casual ride has been Toy Story Mania, since I first rode it all those years ago. A rookie mistake to avoid is not prepping those arms/wrist for speed and stamina. Accuracy doesn’t matter! All that matters is crushing the competition and getting the high score for your vehicle!

1. Skipping the Shopping

Hollywood Studios has some of the most unique stores. There is a jewelry store that we spend a little too much time in each trip. They also have a toy store, Star Wars store, and a Hollywood memorabilia store! If you find something you have to have, I recommend getting it in the park. You never know if Disney Springs will have the unique item, or if it will even be available a day later.

I hope that these tips help you avoid these rookie mistakes! Have a magical day and be sure to join our Facebook Group over at DISNEY EXPRESS LANE!

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