8 Disney World Instagram Accounts You Cannot Live Without

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Are you on Instagram? If not, you need to be! 8 Disney World Instagram Accounts You Cannot Live Without if you are a huge Disney fan!

Friday night (April 27, 2018) was a festive night at the Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is loosing a sweet icon that is cherished by many. But, fear not, he isn’t going far. Keep reading for more details!

8 Disney World Instagram Accounts You Cannot Live Without

Guy Behind The Castle

The Guy Behind The Castle is not only a security guard, but a man that many call, friend. Brett spent years protecting the castle. He spent years becoming friends with many visitors and has made himself a bit of a name on Instagram.

The Guy Behind The Castle got a sweet farewell on Friday night from many of his friends and he was a bit of a celebrity as he took pictures with some of his many followers. As the PhotoPass photographer snapped pics, the line to take a picture with Brett looked as if he had Mickey or Minnie in his pocket. Character PhotoPass lines had nothing on Brett, he was the celebrity that night! I am pretty sure Walt himself would have even given him a handshake and a warm smile if he would have been there. He wouldn’t have been able to contain his happiness for him, as many others could not either.

Although Brett may be leaving the Magic Kingdom, fear not, he isn’t leaving Disney World! He is moving to Hollywood Studios to protect Andy as his right-hand security-guard-man. Be sure to check his Instagram account out as he says “good-bye” to the Magic Kingdom and “hello” to Hollywood Studios!

Please note, the day this article came out Brett changed his IG handle to Guy Behind The Magic, @guybehindthemagic! Very fitting Brett! 

Well my time here has finally come to an end. I can’t thank the cast members and guests and loved ones that have made the last 5 years as a Security Host oh so memorable. ❤️✨ • Now I look forward to my next big adventure at Hollywood Studios as the security host in Toy Story Land. So when the walls come down look for me in Andy’s backyard.✨????????✨???? • • #magickingdom #wdw #wherethemagiclives #disneyfriends #disneyfriendsarethebest #fantasyland #guybehindthecastle #disneysecurity #protectingthemagic #sharethemagic #letthememoriesbegin #disneypic #ilovemyjob #unforgettablecast #mostmagicalplaceonearth #waltdisneyworld #mydisneyadventure #bestdayever #happiestplaceonearth #disneyig #instadisney #disneyfamily #disneyday #lifeofacastmember #thanksforthememories

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He documents a lot of his amazing Disney life with his daughter, son, soon-to-be-wife, Jenn (Instagram handle: @jenbehindthecastle, of course, what else would it be? 😉 ) and many Disney Buddies.

Update: And of course, Jenn made sure to change her IG handle as well. From what I hear she came up with the clever name change. (Or at least that is what was written on an IG post announcing the name change! As if, I am in the loop! 😉 ) Jenn is now Jenn Behind The Magic! @jennbehindthemagic

More Instagram Friends

Speaking of Disney Buddies, even though Brett won’t be in the Magic Kingdom protecting the castle, he will still frequent and visit with his many friends. One of them was so kind to document Friday night on our Instagram account. For all of us that couldn’t be there, she filmed all of the good-byes and the sweet farewells for us, so we wouldn’t miss out on the fun!

Be sure to check Emily out on Instagram. She is always in the parks and when I say always, I truly mean, always. She is a dear friend of mine and she is one of the many friends I have made on Instagram.

She is usually in the parks with her sweet bestie (that made a debut on the video too), Summer @myheartbeatsdisney, so be sure to follow her too! 

If you aren’t involved in the Disney Instagram community, I am really not sure what you are waiting for, for realz! The Disney Instagram community is filled with great people that have the potential of becoming true friends that are like family.

The Disney Instagram Community I Have Grown To Love

There are many more Instagram accounts that I have grown to love, but the following IG accounts, you truly cannot live without. My friends are full of humor, occasional snark, disney fashion, lots of drinking around the world and plenty of G-rated shenanigans. Okay, you called me bluff, they aren’t all G-rated. Yeah, so sue us! We know how to have fun!

So, if you are looking for beyond the normal Disney Instagram accounts that will catch your attention with eye-catching posts, fun captions that may make you blush, posts and stories full of information and tips, or IG stories that take you to the parks first-hand, well then you need to follow these fun-filled, fun-loving peeps, I call friends!

Adrienne LeBlanc @disneytripsandsips

Dressing well is a form of good manners. — Tom Ford ???? • • • • Thankfully I dress well enough to make up for my dirty pirate hooker mouth. * wink * It sure would be nice to be at Magic Kingdom today, dressed to the nines in an outfit tighter than a camel’s anus during a sandstorm, hotter than a whore’s snatch on nickel night in the panhandle of Texas, busier than mustard trying to ketchup, Main Street magical meltdowns. But instead I’ve got my toes in the water, ass in the sand and bubbly in hand. * sigh * I guess there’s always Dapper Day in the fall. Happy Dapper Day Weekend, y’all, especially to my adorable, vintage-inspired, always pretty and polished friend @beautifulbeulahmagic – you are the definition of “dapper”! ???? • • • • #dapperday #disneyparks #wdw #waltdisneyworld #magickingdom #takemetodisney #featuremydisney #happiestplaceonearth #igers_wdw #igers_disney #disneygram #instadisney #disneyaholic #turndownforwalt #disneytripsandsips

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Maria P. @minniemariamouse

If you could meet any #avenger who would it be? #starlord and #groot???? are mine and also one of my favorite under the radar meet and greets @disneyparks . He showed me sweet dance moves but the best was the Macarena and Groot actually able to do it lol!!! #avengersassemble. FYI: IM THE WORST DANCER EVER lol… #starlordandgroot had moves though! The same evening in my outfit I met my favorite Toy Story character who showed me the electric slide and I fell on my face lol. By the way did any of you catch who I’m dressed as?;) @disneybound…. #disneygram #disneyvideo #disney #wdw #hollywoodstudios #marvel #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #avengersinfinitywar #avengers #instadisney #wdwbde #awesomemix #thewave #therobot #macarena #disneymeets #wdwcharactermeet #thanosdemandsyoursilence #disneyphotopasss #disneyphotos #disneyparks #disneygram #disneygrammer #disneycharacter #guardiansofthegalaxy

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Meghan @disneyitgirl

Do you have any favorite Disney Instagram accounts? Please share with us on our Instagram account, @walt_express. DM us and give us a chat. We love getting to know other Disney fans.

And of course, follow me on my personal account where I share Disney Fashion, Disney, Disney and more Disney. Just come on over and follow to see for yourself, @faithnpixie1. Make sure you say “Hi”!

I wore this in my IG stories today (go check them out, you know you need to hear all of my wisdom ???? I can’t type that with a straight face ????) and in true wonderful people fashion you asked me to give you all of the details. So here I am giving all of the wonderful people the details! • • That’s all anyone needs right?! A little bit of Disney and a whole lot of Jesus!!! I can’t go to the Parks right now, so I’m bringing the parks to me with some cute Disney attire, of course, from my head all the way down to my tootsies. I may be sitting around on my butt after heart surgery, but a girl has got to look cute and comfy right?! • • Make sure you shop this IG pic and others in my bio! • • Shirt is @mikiwilliams4 and cozy is @blhstitchesco. DM them for details! ????

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8 Disney World Instagram Accounts You Cannot Live Without

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