A Guide To Enjoying Disney Magic While Staying At Home

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Walt Express can help you make your home the “Most Magical Place on Earth” while we all wait for the Disney Parks to reopen! Take a peek at our guide to Enjoying Disney Magic At Home!

Disney Magic At Home

We know that everyone has been missing Disney while the parks have been closed, so we have compiled a list of ideas for you to be able to bring the magic to you. Our Disney Magic At Home list ranges from home movie nights to some Disney knick-knacks and much more. Keep reading to get some great ideas for you and your family.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyathome disneymagicathome


We love us some Disney+ at my house! You can watch all of your Disney favorites through this streaming service. Disney has all kinds of added shows on there as well, such as The Imagineering Story which takes you on a behind the scenes look with some Disney Imagineers. Of course it also has the classics, such as The Lion King and some of the newer movies like Frozen II. I’d be embarrassed for y’all to know just how many times we’ve watched Frozen II already LOL. During our movie time, we use our Disney Popcorn Buckets that we purchased while we were at the parks. I feel like this just adds a little extra magic to the experience. Honestly one of the best ways of Enjoying Disney Magic At Home!

Disney Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

Something that I use every single day is some kind of Disney Coffee Mug. I am a HUGE coffee lover, so I combine my two favorite things together.. Disney and Coffee! I typically end up purchasing a new coffee mug each trip, so I have plenty to choose from. I also use the refillable mugs that you get if you stay on property at a Disney resort. They have different prints on them according to what time of the year you’re there.

Another good option for some Disney Coffee is to order some coffee from Expedition Roasters. They incorporate Disney into the names of their coffee according to what the flavor is! This company has stolen my coffee loving heart! I also have a love for water! So I use my Disney Tumblers throughout the day to keep my water in it. The Disney Tervis Tumblers are the best!

Disney Knick-Knacks

Having little keepsakes from my Disney trips as little memory reminders is a huge thing for me. I use my Disney Knick Knacks all throughout the year, and I switch them out according to what season it is! I have way too many to talk about all of mine so I’m just going to give you a couple of examples of how I use some of mine. I LOVE the Disney Sippers that you can find at the parks and I use them in my house as decorations. I also have a small ceramic bowl that has little Mickey heads on it, and it sits on my nightstand and it holds my everyday jewelry. Having subtle touches of Disney in my house just makes me happy.

Disney Scentsy

My family loves some of the smells that are iconic to Disney, such as: the resorts, The Confectionery, some of the rides, and even some of the snacks. Disney and Scentsy have teamed up to recreate some of these smells and they are heavenly! Scentsy also has put a smell to some of the characters, and they have some wax-warmers that look like some of the characters and/or landmarks at Disney! If you didn’t know about this collaboration then you definitely need to look into this! I love when my house smells like some of my favorite Disney smells!

Disney Puzzles

Who doesn’t love puzzles!? Puzzles are a great way to keep yourself busy and include the family as well! And what better puzzle than a Disney puzzle! You can find them practically anywhere, and they have all kinds. Our newest one that we have is a Star Wars puzzle that we found at Walmart. My favorite ones are the Disney Thomas Kinkade prints!

Disney Plushies

Shop Disney is my favorite place to grab some of the cutest Disney Plushies. I love how they have specific ones for the upcoming holidays that you can order. I also find myself getting them while I’m at the parks too. They make great decorations and they are so easy to change them out in your house!

Disney Books

Another favorite thing to do is sit down with a good book and zone out! And I love when I can find a book that I love that’s about Disney or incorporates the author’s own spin on something Disney related. One of the series that I like to read is the Disney Villains by Serena Valentino. This series is the story through that particular Villain’s point of view. These books are so good. Another series that I just purchased is A Twisted Tale. This is a “What if..” book. What if Aladdin had never found the lamp, Sleeping Beauty had never woken up or the Sea Witch had never defeated the Little Mermaid? I can’t wait to read these!

Disney Recipes

Disney Food is a big thing at our house! I’m a huge foodie so when we find something we like to eat at Disney then sometimes we recreate the dish at home. The Mickey Waffle maker that we use for breakfast and brunch brings so much joy to us. Another Disney Dish that we like to make at home is Sanaa’s Butter Chicken. Check out my recipe by clicking that link. If you can’t have it at Disney right now then you might as well enjoy it at home.

Enjoying Disney Magic At Home

Even if you don’t live near Disney World there are some awesome ways that you can incorporate it into your everyday life. The ideas that I mentioned above are some easy ways to add some Disney touches to your home without it being too much! Let’s see yours! Head over to our Facebook Group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, and show us how you bring a little Disney Magic At Home.

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