Should You Consider A Split Stay On Your Next Disney World Vacation?

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Have you ever wondered if a split stay is right for you and your family? Maybe you are wondering what a Split Stay At Disney World even is? We are going to fill you in on what a split stay is and if a split stay is something you might want to consider for your next Disney Vacation.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldresorts split stay at disney world

Split Stay At Disney World

A split stay is where you divide your time between two different resorts within a single trip. As Disney is our bread and butter here at Walt Express, we are going to focus on split stays where both resorts are on Walt Disney World property.

 What Exactly Is A Split Stay At Disney World

Split stays are a great way to stretch your budget, especially if you have always wanted to stay at a deluxe resort and have thought it is completely out of reach. By doing one, you could spend a couple of nights at Pop Century and then move your party over to experience one of your bucket list resorts like the Grand Floridian or maybe the Beach Club. Before deciding if it is something you want to try, ask yourself what kind of Disney vacation are you looking for? If you are going to spend your days in the park from rope drop to fireworks, maybe it isn’t necessary, but if you want a couple of “go-go-go” days followed by some relaxation by the resort pool it is definitely worth considering.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldresorts split stay at disney world

There are different ways to implement a split stay. You can book it the following ways:

  • A package (hotel and tickets) + A second package (hotel and tickets)
  • A package (hotel and tickets) + A room only reservation
  • A room only reservation + A room only reservation + Tickets

Some things to keep in mind when booking is what is your overall budget? When doing a split stay you will have virtually two sets of everything, reservation numbers, magic bands, etc.. You will also have to pay the initial $200 deposit for however many packages you are booking or a $200 package deposit and the price of your first night’s stay if you are following it up by a room only reservation. From there you can pay towards your package balance as you would any other Disney vacation, however knowing that it will cost more upfront is important to keep in mind. The two room only reservations would work well if you have an annual pass but if you do not, keep in mind that when you purchase tickets out of a package they are non-refundable.#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyworldresorts split stay at disney world

 Advantages To A Split Stay At Disney World

Having done a split stay myself I can say it does add an element of excitement as you get to look forward to experiencing multiple resorts. This is great if you are coming from far away and maybe do not get to come to Walt Disney World as often. On the flip side though, it can add some chaos in the booking process and coordinating different elements of your vacation.

Split stays could be a great way to change things up if you visit all the time or a way to enhance and maximize your experience if this is a once in a lifetime trip. Either way, working with a travel planner is an excellent idea as it does take even more coordination than your regular Disney trip. A travel planner that specializes in Walt Disney World will help you make sure you are not spending more money than is necessary when booking, and on top of that, they will help you navigate how to make sure the rest of your plans fall into place without a hitch. This is especially important as a split stay will be more tedious in the planning process than your traditional vacation when staying at one Disney World resort.

Here are some great reasons that you definitely want to stay on property at a Disney World Resort! Check it out!

Have you ever done a Split Stay At Disney World? We would love to hear about your experiences and which resorts you chose! Head on over to our Facebook Group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, and let us know about it!


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