Video From Frozen Ever After At Epcot: A Disney World Review

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Have you had the chance to experience Frozen Ever After? Video From Frozen Ever After At Epcot: A Disney World Review let’s you know all about this attraction and gives you some tips too!

Video From Frozen Ever After At Epcot: A Disney World Review


Frozen Ever After is located in Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. After entering Epcot you will need to go straight through Future World. When you get to the World Showcase you will want to go left. The first Pavilion is Mexico (you will definitely want to come back to the Mexico Pavilion to visit). The next Pavilion is Norway, which is where Frozen Ever After is located.

Tier 1 Attraction

Epcot’s attractions and experiences are categorized in two tiers. When reserving your FastPass+ selections, you will have to choose one attraction from the Tier 1 list and your other 2 FastPass+ selections from the Tier 2 list.

Video From Frozen Ever After At Epcot: A Disney World ReviewFrozen Ever After is listed as a Tier 1 attraction at Epcot. If riding Frozen Ever After is a must for you, you will need to choose it as your Tier 1 attraction when making your FastPass+ reservations. Expect long waits for this ride in the stand-by queue.


The attraction queues at Disney World are always entertaining and the Frozen Ever After queue is no exception. You will feel as though you are walking through the streets of Arendelle. Prepare to also explore shops and other fun items from Arendelle as you make your way through the line.

You will certainly love the chance to see Oaken’s Tokens and Sauna along the queue. Don’t rush by the door as you may get a chance to see Oaken himself! When you get close to the docks, you will see a royal declaration inviting you to a Summer Snow Day Celebration.

The Ride

The Frozen WillowsFrozen Ever After is a boat-style ride much like it’s a small world, Living with the Land and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Your ride experience begins by boarding a boat at the docks of Arendelle. Your boat first takes you through the frozen willow forest. This is the beautiful scene from the movie where the Willow branches are frozen and chime as Anna, Kristoff and Sven walk through them. It’s also where they first meet up with Olaf!

The Trolls

Next you will encounter Kristoff’s family, the Trolls. They are sharing the story of the sisters with the younger trolls. They tell them how Anna was frozen and Elsa’s act of true love was the only thing that could thaw her frozen heart. From here, be sure to prepare for the cold of the North Mountain as Queen Elsa’s ice palace is just ahead. You’ll also pass by a few friends singing our favorite songs from the Frozen.

Elsa’s Ice Palace

You will enter Elsa’s ice palace where she is greeting you with the song we all know and love from Frozen, Let It Go! I know I did…I let it go and sang right along with her! It’s at this point your boat will stop, the back of the boat will move slightly to the right and the boat will begin to move backward. There is a small drop right after you begin moving backward.

Marshmallow the Giant Snow Monster

After exiting Elsa’s palace you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for Marshmallow, the giant snow monster. This is one of my family’s favorite parts. No matter what movie we are watching, it’s the joke that I am always the bad guy or villain. When we ride Frozen Ever After, my youngest daughter loves to point to Marshmallow and say “that’s you mom” and giggle. During this scene, your boat will stop and begin moving forward facing.

After another small drop, you will return back to Arendelle. Go ahead and sing along as you pass by a few Frozen friends one last time before your boat docks.


  • FastPass+ is offered and strongly recommended.
  • Frozen Ever After is extremely popular. Make sure you are awake and ready the morning your FastPass+ window opens!Video From Frozen Ever After At Epcot: A Disney World Review
  • If you don’t get a FastPass for Frozen Ever After, you will want to be at Epcot at park opening and head straight for the queue!
  • There are areas of Frozen Ever After that are dark. If your child is sensitive to the dark, they could possibly not enjoy this ride.
  • At one point of Frozen Ever After, your boat will stop and begin moving backward. While going backward you will also experience a small drop. If you are prone to motion sickness, you could possibly have an issue with this part of the ride. Click HERE to get some tips on how to avoid motion sickness at Disney World!
  • There is a possibility of getting a little wet on Frozen Ever After. I have ridden it several times and the splashing is very minimal.
  • After you exit Frozen Ever After, make sure to get in line at the Royal Sommerhus to meet both Elsa and Anna!

Height Requirement

There is not a height requirement for Frozen Ever After. No matter how small or tall, everyone in your party can enjoy this ride! You may want to hold very small children because of the small backwards drop.

Accessibility & Other Information

You must transfer from your ECV or wheelchair to board Frozen Ever After.

Handheld Captioning is available upon request.

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