Why you should see The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights NOW!


Why you should see The Osbourne Family Spectacle

Hey there everyone! So let me introduce myself. I am, “anonymouse”! Get it? Anonymouse? Walt Express has asked me to come on onboard and share my gossip, opinionated views, and outlandish remarks. I am keeping myself anonymouse, because well you know, let’s not get crazy! I am the masked mouse and will continue to be through our duration.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, today’s topic!

Alright so I get it, you are mad because Disney keeps changing up stuff. First it was Norway in Epcot with this Frozen crap they have, NOW they are taking away The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. I get it, you are tired of all of the change. You want it to stay the same. You love all of the old so, why bring in all of this new stuff and take away all of this old stuff? Well here is what I think of that…..


Over years past, there has been a lot of change and in within time we all got over it and embraced the change as best we knew how. Now the old seems like a distant land and is no longer the norm. Soon these new things will be the norm and you will no longer have to worry.

Stop living in a Fantasyland (pun intended)! Change happens, in your everyday life and yes in Disney too! Embrace the change or stop going. You are taking up way too much space in my Facebook newsfeed and Disney soundboards with your whining and complaining about everything going to “hell in a hand basket” in Disney. Seriously, Walt isn’t rolling over in his grave too much and the “Disney gods” aren’t crying the blues.

Stop the madness people! When something old is pushed out, just trust that Disney knows what they are doing and something new and better is coming along. Not saying I don’t get disturbed by some the changes happening in the Disney ream but, hey no matter what I will be a fan so, I learn to embrace and keep going and giving the Disney cooperation my money. You see what is happening there? Disney must know what’s up because, people like me keep giving them my money. So I am guessing they are the smarter ones, not I!

This year is the last year of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights so, go see it or if you can’t go reminisce over the pics and videos you do have, they may be considered vintage in a few years.

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