Must Do’s At Disney World For The Nostalgic Disney Fan

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Disneyland was “Walt’s Park”, and Disney World was his dream. Some people think that Disneyland is the only place to truly experience the Disney nostalgia, but I have a few must do’s at Disney World that will give you that sentimental feeling!

Must Do’s At Disney World

Disneyland Resort in California is usually touted as the park for die-hard Disney fanatics. It is Walt’s park. He walked among guests, rode the rides and even had an apartment on Main Street USA. Walt Disney World in Florida however has many nods to the man himself and should not be looked past for those Disney fans who enjoy frequenting the parks for nostalgia alone. If you are one of those people, look no further than the following attractions at Walt Disney World! They are sure to get your gears going and imagination running about what part Walt played in making these attractions come to life!

The Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress was part of the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City before being moved to Disneyland Park and then again to Magic Kingdom in 1975. It is a rotating theater attraction following a quintessential American family at the turn of the century and through the decades. They focus on technological and cultural developments and always bring it back to the idea of progress, something that Walt Disney truly believed in. The music has a cult following and was composed by the Sherman brothers (Mary Poppins fame) and you will find yourself singing “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…”as you wander the park the rest of the day.

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise was a Disneyland original that was brought to Magic Kingdom at its opening. I used to think, why do Jungle Cruise when Animal Kingdom has the real deal? Well, the skippers are hilarious and no ride is the same because of it. Also, at the holidays they change it up to Jingle Cruise and who doesn’t love a great holiday layover?

It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World is another 1964 World’s Fair attraction that celebrates the cultures of the world. The Mary Blair art and the catchy song will stay in your memory forever! This is truly one of the most classic Must Do’s At Disney World today!#WALTEXPRESS #DISNEYWORLD #DISNEYLAND Must Do's At Disney World

One’s Man Dream

Disney history is not limited to the Magic Kingdom! Disney’s Hollywood Studios has One Man’s Dream, an exhibit on Walt Disney. While it is not an attraction, Walt put his stamp on it and is bound to get you feeling all kinds of sentimental as you read anecdotes and see artifacts from his life. It really makes you realize that this entire place was the idea of one man, and he forever changed the course of entertainment history forever.

The Tomorrowland People Mover

The People Mover is one of my hands down, all-time favorite attractions of all time. I ride it multiple times a trip. I wish they served snacks on it. If they did, I would ride it all day long and people watch from above while catching a glorious breeze traveling through Tomorrowland. Walt was always dreaming up innovative ideas for the future. He thought EPCOT Center would be a place people actually lived. While that didn’t necessarily happen, it was his creative spirit and hope for a better future that made him who he was and what his legacy continues to be today. The People Mover was a small part of that future dream community. A transport system for his Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow!

While Walt Disney himself unfortunately never got to see and experience the opening of Walt Disney World, it was his brainchild. Nicknamed “Project X”, Walt secretly scooped up hundreds of acres of swamp land and began this endeavor to create an actual world that his guests could immerse themselves in and escape reality. It was the place he wished to rectify the mistakes he felt he made at Disneyland and implement ideas he simply did not have the space for in California. We are extremely happy for the dreams he had and the fact that we get to enjoy this nostalgia at Disney World!

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