Hello Spring With A Disney DIY UP Inspired Easter Basket

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 Come say Hello to Spring and join me as I teach you how to make an adorable Disney DIY UP Inspired Easter Basket perfect for your kids, your spouse or a Disney loving friend!#waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyinspiredcrafts disney diy up inspired

Hello Spring With A Disney DIY UP Inspired Easter Basket

If you weren’t one of the lucky travelers to grab some of those magical Spring Break park reservations in time, lets celebrate Easter with a little Disney magic at home. What better way to create the Disney holiday magic at home than with an adorable DIY UP inspired Easter Basket. Say goodbye to plain Easter baskets and let’s sprinkle a little pixie dust to make a super fun floating house basket. This was first shown to us by Disney Family. I was inspired and did it myself!

Supply List:

  • Any size basket in any color you want. The best kind do NOT have a wide base but DO have a tall handle. I tried the big base and it looked a little odd.
  • Scissors, Hot Glue, Glue Gun
  • Printout of UP House (the image I used is here printed on cardstock for durability, however you can take pastel colored paper and cut your own out if you choose)
  • String or Yarn  
  • Colorful Plain Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Goodies To Fill Your Easter Basket


  1. Print out your UP image on cardstock for best results and cut out image.
  2. Cut string to a bit smaller than the height of your basket. Extra can always be cut off later.
  3. Hot glue each string to the back of an egg ( only the eggs that go on the bottom have string and glue at the exact spot where the two halves of the egg meet. This will secure your eggs from falling apart as well.)
  4. Glue eggs on the bottom of the basket handle, followed by the front of the basket handle and top of the basket handle. Once these three spots are done, you can glue eggs in front to make balloons have a fuller look.
  5. Bring your strings down to a point and glue them to your house. Then cut off any excess string.
  6. Sit your basket on a flat surface and hot glue your house so that it sits level with the floor onto the front of your basket.
  7. Fill your basket with Easter goodies. Some cute ideas are to add in UP themed items like Grape Soda or an Adventures Savings Jar. Also add some pretty balloons for inflating and of course lots of candy!.

We would love to see your Disney DIY UP Inspired Easter Basket when you finish it! They are so fun and extremely easy to make at home. Message us if you have a craft you would like to see us make LIVE on Facebook on our Walt Express Blog page or break down step by step on here. We also have some amazing plans for future crafts for kids as well as yummy Disney inspired food and treats!

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