Disney On Ice: Dream Big And Why You Need To GO NOW!

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Visiting Walt Disney World may feel a little uncomfortable for some people right now. That is okay. Maybe there are some folks who would like to go but are unable because of travel restrictions. The Magic of Disney is something I’ve really missed. Because of this, my husband I decided we would take our girls to a showing of Disney On Ice: Dream Big in Charleston, SC. To say it was magical, is an understatement. I’m going to give a review and let you know why, if you can, you should visit Disney On Ice: Dream Big.

Disney On Ice: Dream Big

You have likely seen the Disney advertisement for “Dream Big, Princess” which encourages girls to do exactly that. The highlight of Disney On Ice: Dream Big are the Disney Princesses. Some of the original princesses had shorter skating segments. But, the more recent and young age friendly princesses, stole the show. The Disney On Ice experience is one that our family has always enjoyed. If you’ve never been to Disney On Ice, you’re really missing out! The show is hosted by none other that Mickey & Minnie Mouse with several appearances by Goofy!

Safety Measures

Tickets for these events are sold in “seating pods”. This means that you buy a set of tickets based on how many people you would like to sit together. We purchased a pod of 4 for our family, but saw other groups with up to 8 people in the pod. There was a good mix of family pods and friend pods. It is up to you to create your pod! All guests over the age of 2 are required to wear a face covering. There were also markings on the floor leading up to concession and merchandise areas. Vendors were equipped with cash and card payment options.


There was plenty of merchandise available for all of the children in attendance. Disney On Ice provided an array of t-shirts, plush dolls and Mickey Mouse bubble wands! Additionally, there were several kiosks set up with Disney On Ice specific concessions. We decided that we needed an icee in a Frozen themed cup, which had both Elsa and Anna on the sides. They also had cups that were fashioned like Olaf, the Disney Princesses and Moana, among others. Cotton candy adorned with either a princess tiara or Olaf hat was also available for purchase and many smiling faces filled the seats!

Disney Princesses (and Coco)

Disney On Ice: Dream Big, includes most of the original Disney Princesses. There were short skating segments highlighting popular tunes from several animated classics as well as Miguel from Disney/Pixar’s Coco. Belle and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast performed “Be Our Guest” with very entertaining flatware. Similarly, Cinderella arrived in a stunning horse drawn carriage and skated gracefully with Prince Charming to “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” and special guests Anastasia and Drizella bumbled around the ice tripping and falling over themselves!

Afterwards, Maleficent took to the ice first for the Sleeping Beauty segment. The scene transitioned to Prince Philip fighting her as the dragon. Of course, he won and woke Aurora from her sleep! Additionally, there were segments including Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Tiana and Prince Naveen and Miguel performed “Un Poco Loco” with many of his ancestors from the Land of the Dead for a scene from Coco. I know, I know – he isn’t a princess, but he was there and it was awesome!

Aladdin, Moana, The Little Mermaid and Frozen

Disney On Ice: Dream Big started with a classic. Aladdin was first act of the entire show and had the village setup where Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine and is running from the palace guards. The Genie was rubbed free from the lamp and granted Aladdin his wish to become…Prince Ali! To end, he and Jasmine fell in love and skated away to a whole new world, together. Moana drifted onto the ocean floor in her canoe. She was ready to find Maui and deliver the heart back to Te Feti. Together, the sang their way through their adventure and were ultimately successful in returning the heart!

Sebastian and King Triton’s daughters started the second half of Disney On Ice: Dream Big. Ariel is missing! We find her dreaming about dinglehoppers and Ursula convinces her to sign her voice away to go to land to get Prince Eric to fall in love with her. They defeat Ursula and Ariel and Prince Eric live happily ever after! Finally, the showstopper was without a doubt – Frozen! Anna and Elsa, along with Kristoff, Sven and Olaf dazzled the crowd with wishes of summer. Elsa belted “Let It Go” and as a result the arena was covered in a blanket of snow. Collectively, the voices of hundreds of tiny fans joined her. Hans (ew!) tried to defeat Anna and Elsa but as we all know, an act of true love with thaw a frozen heart and the kingdom was saved!

Coming To A Town Near You!

In conclusion, if you haven’t attended Disney On Ice: Dream Big, GO NOW! Shows will be taking place throughout the country through the end of April. Go to their website to check for available dates and times in a city near you. You and your kids will really enjoy seeing some magic in your own backyard. I mean, just look at this face! She LOVED IT!

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