How To Pack A Rockin’ Disney Park Bag!

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Some people fly solo, others pack a bag! There is no wrong way to do Disney! If you carry a bag in the parks, check out How to Pack a Rockin’ Disney Park Bag!

How To Pack A Rockin’ Disney Park Bag!

I know you have seen TONS of advice on what to take with you into the Disney Parks. I am here to tell you “my” must haves. Take it from me, with three small children, we have tried just about everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Let’s face it, you have good intentions of coming back to the room and napping and resting, but some days you do and others it just doesn’t happen. So on those days you really have to be prepared!

How to Pack a Rockin' Disney Park Bag!

You want to take the necessities, but you don’t want to over pack either (I’ve done that too). So, I’ve compiled a list of things that we can’t live without in the parks. This is not your Disney suitcase list. This is the bag you take into the parks from day-to-day.  It’s better to be prepared.

How To Pack A Rockin' Disney Park Bag!

The Bare Necessities

1. Hand Sanitizer and lots of it! Those who know me know I am a germ-a-phob! Simply put a “pump” of hand sanitizer on each stroller and carry a small travel size in each bag. I do believe we have never come back with the dreadful “Disney bug” because of it. I may be wrong, but hey, if I think it works I will continue! So don’t burst my “germ free” bubble!

2. Wet Wipes are perfect for wiping faces, hands or clothes. Wet wipes can get out just about any kind of stain on clothing.

3. Diapers and wipes, if you have a baby. Duh, that’s a given!

4. Ziploc Baggies are your best friend! You can put all of your valuables in a ziploc to keep water out and your valuables dry! By the way, check out this post about 8 Tips for Rainy Days in Disney World.

5. Sunscreen is a given, right? Whether you are at Disneyland or Disney World, the sun can be intense at times. This isn’t just for summer time. The sun will burn you in Florida on a cold cloudy day in January as badly as it will in the middle of July.

6. Chapstick with SPF of course.

7. Ziplock First Aid Kit comes in handy for those just in case times. Pack it with pain relief, bandages and ointment. Hopefully you won’t need it! I forgot to How to Pack a Rockin' Disney Park Bag!pack Neosporin once and it cost me over $8.00 to replace it at the resort gift shop! Find out what you can do in an emergency: GETTING SICK AT DISNEY. A small, insulated lunch box/bag works great for your first aid kit. We like this one: Frozen Lunchbox

8. Extra Batteries for your camera. Some people just use their smartphones these days, if you bring your camera you NEED extra batteries or the charging station for it.

9. Extra Memory Stick for your camera.

10. Trading Pins and Lanyards if your kids are into this.

11. Change for the penny presses (pennies and quarters).

12. Autograph Books and Pens for the perfect autograph from your favorite characters. (Sharpies with the click top work best).

How to Pack a Rockin' Disney Park Bag!

13. Glow Toys and bubble blowers from the dollar store if you will be staying out past dark. These are quite expensive inside the park! I just saved you some serious cheese. You are welcome…..

14. Change of clothes for the babies. This one is kinda controversial. I know this takes up a lot of space and if you have a lot of kids this can really take up a lot of space. Sometimes it just does a lot for a babes’ feelings by just changing a shirt. If you don’t want to take a whole outfit, just take a shirt. I know when I haven’t taken a change of clothes I soon regret it. So with that being said, you know your kid, you decide.

Dooney & Bourke15. Small Packets of Flavor for your water. These take up very little room in your bag and are well worth it! I personally do not use them, but some people think that Florida water has a weird taste. If you are one that is sensitive to the taste of Florida water, you may want to pack some of these flavor packets.

16. Snacks for the kids or you! Snacks can get pricey and sometimes you need a snack quickly. So take your own!

17. Portable Battery Charger is a must! We love this battery charger. We have tried LOTS of chargers and this one seems to pack a punch. It isn’t the lightest, but it isn’t the heaviest either. We love the fact that it will charge the same phone several times or different phones at the same time. We love this charger! It will last all day and on some days even longer. It’s easy to charge too!

18. Water Container! Well this can’t really fit in your bag…..but, it’s a must have for me (depending on what size you use, it might fit in your bag) . I take a container and get it filled with water anywhere food and drink are sold in the parks. They actually will give you a free ice water in a cup at any kiosk that sells fountain drinks. I just transfer the nice, cold water to my container and I am set. It works and I am a huge fan! It keeps my water cold for 24 hours. Seriously, 24 hours, I’ve tested it. I promise it works! Well worth the money. I use mine everyday, not just in Disney World.

By all means, adjust this list to your liking. Everyone is different, so pack accordingly! Hopefully, this list will get your started on packing a Rockin’ Disney Park Bag!How to Pack a Rockin' Disney Park Bag!

Here is Walt Express’ FAVORITE BAG: Mickey Backpack! We love the classic Mickey backpack, just because it has tons of room and compartments!

What are your thoughts? What do you take in your bag into the parks?

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