How To Pack The Perfect Park Bag For Disney World


Are you heading to a Disney World park for the day and have no idea what to pack? This task is just as important as bringing your magic band! A Disney World park bag is a necessity for some people! Of course, Walt Express has you covered and will let you know How To Pack The Perfect Park Bag For Disney World! #waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyparkbag disney world park bag

Disney World Park Bag

My bag varies depending on each trip. Sometimes it’s me and my husband so we take way less, or we may have our 2 year old son or we may even be traveling in a party of 12. Each situation calls for a different bag. These are just a few things that work best for us. Let me know if any of these have worked for you or if you have tips to add that work for your trips! My bag is always changing and I’m always looking for ways to improve them!


  • You will be carrying this bag ALL day. You don’t want an over sized bag or one that is super heavy.  
  • Remember you will be storing it on rides and most of the time you will have to place this bag at your feet or in a small compartment next to you. 

Bare Minimums

These are things I make sure are always in my park bags. This is in addition to having my phone and my magic bands which are on me at all times! If you don’t have a magic band than you want to be sure to have your tickets to get into the park.

  • Hand sanitizer 
    • Germs y’all. So many people are touching everything that you are touching as well. PLUS it is so much easier to clean  yours or your kids hands with that instead of waiting in restroom lines before eating.
  • Poncho
    • It’s gonna rain. But then it’s gonna stop. Don’t let a little rain (or even a lot) ruin your magical vacation. When it’s raining, use your time to walk to your next ride since most people will be too busy running to find shelter and the lines may be shorter.
    • Also ponchos or umbrellas are expensive there! They know it’s not something everyone thinks of but it’s also something that everyone is going to need at some point on their vacation there.  
  • ID/Wallet/Cash
    • The Magic bands are amazing but sometimes they glitch. So be prepared and keep a small amount of cash or a card with you. This goes for an ID as well if you plan to purchase alcohol.  
    • Also this helps you stay on budget better!  Callie just did a great Live on this topic so go check that out as well!  
    • Be sure to have quarters and pennies if you think your kids may be interested in the pressed pennies. Better to have it already than to find a place to get change!
  • Phone Charger
    • Again, the app is awesome but it drains that battery! Keep a backup battery on you! Disney World has an awesome program where you purchase a rechargeable battery stick and you can exchange it for a new one every time they die. For FREE! Check out the FUEL ROD!
  • Band Aids/First Aid
    • You can get these in the park but you are going to lose ride time by tracking them down. So I keep a couple of band aids or moleskin in my bag to help with blisters.
    • Ibuprofen. This is a must for me! I get headaches from the sun so it’s nice to have these on hand. It’s also great to take after a long day in the park since you are running on adrenaline all day and really don’t feel tired you are. It will hit you hard on the way back to your room! I take a couple right before we head out of the park so that it kicks in by the time we get on the bus to go back to the resort. This makes the next day go so much easier!
  • Sun Protection/Chapstick
    • You may be able to get by without this in the cooler months but remember, it’s cooler but the sun is still out. I always keep a small face sunscreen stick on me but I also take the whole bottle in the summer months.  
    • Chapstick – That heat is just so rough. I am really bad about chewing on my lips so I always keep this on me. If I don’t, I always end up needing it. 
    • Hats – my husbands head gets sunburned so think about that if you have really short hair, especially for men.  
    • Sunglasses – I’m not a huge sunglass person but I do like to have mine while at Disney World.  
  • Refillable water bottle
    • I know this is on most people’s MUST list so I am going to include it here. Water is free at Disney World and they normally have them sitting off to the side at quick service restaurants so it’s easy to jump in and grab a cup or refill your bottle. Because of this, I can get by without always having one BUT it is very hot and you get dehydrated very easily! So consider bringing a couple of these with you so you don’t waste park time at the First Aid Center because of dehydration. Especially important if you have younger kids who don’t always tell you they need something to drink. #waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyparkbag disney world park bag

Disney World Park Bag Extras

So these are things that I like to always have with me but I can leave in the room if I don’t have the space.

  • Water Flavor packets
    • So the water tastes different in Florida. I am not affected too much by this but I know several people who complain about it. Just toss a few of those small flavor packets in your bag and it will take care of it. ESP for kids that it may be harder to make drink constantly.  
  • PINS
    • So I know I put this in the category of things you can be without, but I really can’t!  Pin Trading is amazing and you should really try it! I keep a lanyard on me for trading but my family is crazy about it so I bring grab another handful to keep in my bag in case I trade all my other ones.  
  • Snack Food
    • So the lines can be looong. Which means you may be stuck in a line around a time you would normally be having lunch or dinner. Having bags of trail mixes, nuts, or other snack goods is nice to have on you. This is really helpful with small kids!
  • Ziplock bags
    • So these are so nice for everything! Just talking about snack food, I love the popcorn! We take a few handfuls and toss it into a ziplock bag and then it’s easier to carry onto a ride line that has a longer wait time.
    • We also use these for electronics or things that can’t get wet on a water ride.  
  • Carabiners 
    • Great to hook onto a backpack and can be used to hook your refillable popcorn bucket or even a refillable water bottle onto.
  • Autograph Book/Marker
    • So my family normally uses a large picture mat to get autographs on so we always bring the mat and different colored markers with use. We will make sure we have a large ziplock bag to keep this in to keep it dry as well.  
    • Many people use autograph books or create their own as well. Think about it being large enough that the characters can see it while in their costume. Also keep this in mind with your pen or marker! Some characters have stamps now so you may not always have to worry about that. #waltexpress #disneyworld #disneyparkbag disney world park bag 

Pixie Dust for Others

If you haven’t heard of this, it really is a super sweet thing to participate in. Basically it is a way for you or your family to participate in someone else’s magical moment. My family does this with glow sticks. We buy SO many of them from our local Dollar Tree and carry them into the park with us and when it’s time for fireworks, we pass them out to other kids. Kids love this! And the kids in my family love doing this! So we always make a little room in our bags for some Pixie Dust.

Disney World Park Bag TIP

Remember that you will have to wait through the security line if you have a purse, park bag or even a diaper bag. This is an additional step so allow time to do this, ESPECIALLY if you have an early morning reservation!

Do you carry a park bag with you when you visit the Disney Parks? We would love to know what’s in your bag? Head on over to our Facebook Group, DISNEY EXPRESS LANE, and let us know!


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