Dishes By Disney: Mickey Mouse Breakfast Pizza Recipe

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What better way to start your morning than with the best “mouse” around? Disney Family keeps us going with some great “Disney Dishes”. Check out: Dishes by Disney: Mickey Mouse Breakfast Pizza Recipe to get your day started off right! This Mickey Breakfast Pizza Recipe is so easy and so yummy! Everyone will beg for it.

Mickey Breakfast Pizza Recipe

I don’t always cook breakfast, but when I do, it’s usually Disney inspired! HA! I am ALWAYS looking to add more “magic” to the table and thanks to Disney Family Recipes, it happens! Disney Family Recipes posted this great “how to” recipe! You all know me, anything with food and Disney is usually AMAZING, so I tried it. I made a few minor adjustments and VOILA! Mickey Mouse Breakfast Pizza. I will warn you: IT GOES FAST! Stash your slice away and enjoy later.

SO Many Options

There are so many ways to adjust and make this your own, or you can follow the directions down to the “letter M” (M of course stands for Mickey). Your kids will love experimenting and doing it their way. Eggs, bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon…SO MANY OPTIONS! We also use this same base for dinner pizzas, just changing the toppings. Of course, cheese is a BIG component. We like to incorporate some adventurous options such as ham and pineapple or spinach with Alfredo sauce. Whatever your taste, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Original Recipe

You can find the original recipe right here: Mickey Mouse Breakfast Pizza. Disney Family used a Mickey shaped cookie cutter, but you can achieve the same goal just by “shaping” the dough with a knife.


Mickey Pizza Party

Host a Mickey themed pizza party using this recipe. If doing an in person party, set up cute little dishes with all the toppings so everyone can create their own. While we are practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING, set up a zoom call and cook together. This would be a great to get the kids together with friends, grandparents or other family members. A total WIN-WIN for everyone.


  • Always preheat your oven before baking any type of pastry crust or dough.
  • If you want a Mickey breakfast pizza, grab yours FIRST! There won’t be any left!!
  • Make these personalized to each family member. Add their favorite toppings before you bake.
  • Even better, get the kids in on the action. Allow each child to create their own Mickey Masterpiece.
  • We accidentally used refrigerated Pie Crust instead of Pizza Dough the first time and now we cannot live without it! Best mistake ever! It was delish!
  • We used Colby and sharp cheddar cheese, but you can use any type that you fancy!

We have some pretty awesome DIY recipes and projects that we think you will just love. Take a peek at this DIY MICKEY MOUSE WREATH!

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